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Who is the author?
Carl Hiassen
What is the name of the boy who is a main character?
What job did Noah's Father have for the past year and a half?
Taxi Driver
Where was the main county jail?
Key West
What did Noah's dad do to upset Dusty Muleman?
Sunk his boat
What was the length of Dusty Muleman's boat?
73 feet
Where was Dad born and raised?
What kind of business did Grandpa Bobby have?
Charter Boat
Where was Grandpa suppsedly buried?
Where did Dad write asking for helpgetting his father's casket back to Florida?
Washington DC
What was Mom's profession?
Legal Secretary
How did Mom & Dad meet?
Standing in line to pay a speeding ticket
Where did Mom put the speeding ticket?
In a scrapbook
How fast was Mom going when she received her speeding ticket?
44 MPH (in a 35 MPH zone)
Who came to the house to tell the parents that Grandpa Bobby was dead?
Man from the US State Department
Dad received a speeding ticket. How fast was he going?
93 MPH (on turnpike)
How long were the parents married when they moved to the Key?
About a year
Where was the boy (Noah) born?
In a 1989 Chevrolet Caprice
In what country was Grandpa Bobby supposedly buried in?
Where was Grandpa Bobby's business?
Miami Beach
Abbey was younger than Bobby. How much younger?
3 years
Why did Dad insist on staying in jail?
To make a point
What was the name of the lawyer who took Dad's case?
Mr Shine
What was the name of Dusty Muleman's boat?
The Coral Queen
Where did the Coral Queen go while the patrons were gambling?
Who are allowed to run casino operations in Florida?
Indian Tribes
What time was it when Dad snuck aboard onto the Coral Queen to sink it?
3:00 AM
Why did Dad try to sink the Coral Queen?
1) Dusty Muleman had been dumping his holding tank into the water 2)Dusty Muleman had been dumping sewage into the water
Why did Dusty Muleman dump his holding tanks into the water?
To save money
Who was the boy that Noah dreaded seeing?
Jasper Muleman Jr
How did Jasper have his hair cut?
Buzz Cut
Where did Dusty go in the summertime?
Dude ranch in Colorado
What Indian tribe did Dusty partner with?
Miccasukee Tribe
In what county are the keys located?
Monroe County
What was Charles Peeking's nickname?
Lice (Peeking)
Noah's father had a truck. What year was it?
What was the brand of truck Noah's father owned?
What was the name of Lice Peeking's girlfriend?
Why was Lice Peeking fired from the Coral Queen?
Stealing Shelley
What did Noah have in his pocket when he visted his Dad in jail the first time?
2 quarters, a penny, stick of gum and roll of grip tape.
What job did Noah's Dad have for the past year and a half?
Driving a taxi.
where was Noah's father born and raised?
How did Noah's parents meet?
Standing in line to pay speeding tickets.
where was Noah actually born?
In a 1989 Chevrolet Caprice on US Highway One.
How much younger is Abbey than Noah?
3 years.
What is the name of the lawyer for Noah's Dad?
Mr. Shine
What day did Noah's father get put in jail?
Fathers Day
Who did the "Coral Queen" belong to?
Dusty Muleman
Why did Noah" father sink the "Coral Queen?
It was dumping its holding tanks into the water.
What was Dusty Muleman son's name?
Jasper Mjuleman, Jr.
How did Dusty Muleman get the money to buy the "Coral Queen"?
He told everybody he inherited money form a rich uncle who died in an elephan tstampede in Africa.
Who did Noah's father send Noah to help him?
Lice Peeking.
What was Lice Peeking's real first name?
What did Noah offer to Lice to help?
His father's fishing skiff.
What did Lice steal from Dusty?
His girlfriend, Shelley
What was Paine Underwoods' sister and brother's names?
Sandy and Del
Where did Paine's brother and sister live?
Miami beach
What did Noah's Dad witness on a cruise to Fort Jefferson?
The "green flash"
What was Shelley burying in the backyard when Noah came?
Lobster shells
What was Shelly's job on the "Coral Queen" ?
Tending bar.
What story did Bull give for dropping out of school?
He was going to Play double -A ball for Balitmore Orioles.
What did Jasper, Jr. do to Noah that make him mad and cast his fishing rod at Jasper, Jr.?
Jasper, Jr. spat on Noah.
What is the name of the newspapeer reporter that came to interview Noah?
Miles Umlatt
What did Noah's dad do to the Carmichael's RV?
He flattened all eight of the RV's tires.
Why did Noah's dad flattened the Carmichaels' RV?
Carmichael was whipping the two chocolate Labrador retrievers.
What happened after Noah's dad had the two incidents with the Coast Guard?
He started driving a cab.
What did Abbey overhear her Mother talking to Mr. Shine about?
What TV channel was going to interview Noah's Dad while he was in jail?
Channel 10
What did Noah's Dad want Lice to do?
Sign a statement that Dusty was makin g his crew empty the diety holding tanks in the water.
What bad habit did Abbey have since she was a baby?
She was a bitter.
.What was the headline after Noah's dad interview to the newspaper?
"Local cabbie defends sinking of casino boat"
Where was Noah's mother born?
In Kissmmee, Florida.
Was Noah's mother married before?
What did Noah discover when he got into the seer tank?
That it was empty.
What did Noah take from the empty sewer tank?
What did Shelly think she found in her Jeep when she got it back?
What does Shelly think happened to Lice?
He had been killed.
What kind of tattoo did Shelley have on her arm?
Barbed wire.
WhaT DID Shelley ask dusty for?
Her old batrtending job on the Coral Queen
What did Noah usually dream about?
How did Thunder Beach get its name?
A man was killed in 1947 by a bolt of lighting.
What restrictions when imposed on Paine after he had turned himself in?
He had to wear electrontic bracelet n his ankle and was on "house arrest".
When Noah went to visit his father in jail, what did he empty from his pockets when the deputy checked him?
two quarters, a penny, a stick of bubble gum and a roll of grip tape…
What day was it when he went to visit his father?
Father's Day
What is the main character's/narrator's name?
Why wouldn't Noah's father allow his mother to bail him out of jail?
He thought it was right for him to be there - that he was doing the right thing by making a stand…
What was Noah's father wearing when Noah went to visit his father in jail?
His regular clothes…
What job did Noah's father have before he was put in jail and how long had he been doing it?
Taxi driver for a year and a half…
What job did Noah's father have before he became a Taxi driver?
A Fishing Guide…
How did Noah's father lose his job as a Fishing Guide?
The Coast Guard took away his fishing license
Where was the main "County Lock-Up" located?
Key West
What did Noah's father do to be put in jail?
He sank Dusty Muleman's gambling boat…
What was the size of Dusty Mulelman's gambling boat?
73 feet long…
Where was Noah's father born and raised?
What did Noah's "Grandpa Bobby" do for a living?
Ran (fishing) Charter Boats…
What happened to "Grandpa Bobby"?
He took his fishing boat down to South American"on some sort of job" and never came back…
How did Noah's parents first meet?
While standing in line to pay speeding tickets at the Dade County Courthouse.
How fast were Noah's parents speeding when they got their speeding tickets?
Noah's Mom was only going 44 in a 35mph zone but his Dad was going 93 on the Turnpike…
Where did Noah's Mom put their speeding tickets?
In a scrapbook
What year was Noah born?
In the year 1989…
Where was Noah born?
In a Chevy Caprice on U.S.Highway One…
What is Noah's younger sister's name?
Who did Noah's father want their mother to name his sister after?
One of his favorite writers - (who's buried out West in the middle of a desert…)
What is the "system" Abbey and Noah made up concerning their parents?
Regarding the care of their Parents, Abbey keeps an "eye" on their Mom and Noah keeps an "eye" on their Dad - although sometimes Noah needs extra help…!
What is Noah and Abbey's usual lunch?
ham and cheese sandwiches
Why is Noah's Mom mad at his Dad?
Because it's Father's Day and he will not let her bail him out of jail. She's also afraid he will lose his job.
What did Abbey think their Dad should plead regarding the sinking of Dusty Muleman's boat?
What is the name of the lawyer that Noah's mother calls?
Mr. Shine
What is the name of Dusty Muleman's boat?
The Coral Queen
How deep was the water Dusty's boat sank in?
12 feet
What did people do on Dusty's boat?
They played Blackjack and Electronic Poker - and ate at the All-You-Can Eat Buffet.
What was the difference between the Coral Queen and the other gambling cruises up in Miami?
The Coral Queen didn't actually go anywhere-(By Florida law gambling boats are suppose to travel at least 3 miles offshore beyond the state boundries before any one is allowed to start betting)…
How did Dusty find a way past Florida law regarding gambling boats in Florida?
Only Native Americans can own casino operations in Florida so Dusty got some Miccosukees from Miami to buy the Marina where the Coral Queen was moored and make it part of their reservation…
What did Noah's father drink as he sat and watched the ship sink?
Root beer
What was Noah's father doing when the police found him?
Where does the waste from Dusty's boat go?
When the wind and the current are right the waste floats from the Coral Queen out to the shoreline straight to Thunder Beach.
What did Noah's father want Noah to help him do?
Noah's Dad wants Noah to help him "nail" Dusty (for illegally dumping waste from the coral Queen into the water…)
What is Dusty Muleman's son's name?
Jasper Muleman Jr.
How did Noah and Jasper get along?
They did not get along well and Jasper bullied Noah
What was Noah's last name?
What did the shape of Jasper's head remind Noah of?
a walnut
How did Noah's father know that the waste dumping was coming from the Coral Queen?
He knew because Thunder Beach had never had to close before the Coral Queen went into operation. There had never been a problem with waste/sewage in the water before…
How did Dusty Muleman say he got the money he used to buy the Coral Queen with?
That he inherited some money from his rich uncle when he was killed in an elephant stampede in Africa.
What was Noah's dad's job until the Coast Guard took away his Captain's license?
Fishing Guide