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What is the most common SNP genetic variation that occurs 1/1000-1/100 nucleotides?
Exchange of a nucleotide
What are some methods for looking at SNP's?
(snp's are NOT measured using westerns or eliza)
1. probe based direct sequencing
2. molecular probes
3. Ligase detection reaction
What type of snp change affects the amino acid configuration& function?
Nonsynonomous change
What are the roles of glucose in normal cell and tissue function?
1. storing sugars for later energy use
2. provide structure (glycosaminoglycans)
3. Recognition systems (glycolipids & glycoproteins)
Relate acidification to demineralization of enamel
Low pH causes the Ca++ ions in the enamel to dissociate more easily
Relate biochemical pathways to acidification
Strep mutans uses hexokinase, phosphofructokinase, & pyruvate kinase to create pyruvate. The pyruvate is converted into lactic acid & expelled from the cell as a waste product.
What are 2 amino acids common to elastic fibers, but not found elsewhere?
1. desmosine
2. Isodesmosine