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POS: Proteus, mirabilis, providencia

neg: everything else
Test after phenylalanine; what it shows:
Indole: shows

The only neg is -> P. mirabilis

Pos -> Do an ornithine
Ornithine results of phenyl/indole POS
Ornithine pos: Morganella
Ornithine neg: do an H2S to differentiate P. vulgaris and Providen.
differentiation of P. vulgaris and Providencia:
pos = p. vulgaris
neg = providencia
What test is done on Phe Neg bugs
Voges Proskauer
VP results:
POS = klebsielliae tribe
Klebsiella, Enterobacter, Serratia

Neg = SEE the SCY
Salmonella, E. coli, Edwardsiella, Shigella, Citrobacter, Y. enterocolitica
1st test to run on VP pos organisms

Pos: Klebsiella oxytoca
Neg: all else; do a Lys/Ornithine
On VP pos/Indole neg bugs, what test to run, what is the result?

Lys+/Orni- -> Klebsiella pneumoniae.
Any other combo -> others -> do DNAse
What test is done on VP pos after lys/ornithine on "all else"?
DNAse or Gelatin

DNAse pos = Serratia
Dnase neg = Enterobacter
What organisms are Phe neg, VP neg?
See the Scy
First test to run on Phe neg, VP neg:
Pos = SEE;
Salmonella, Edwardsiella, E. coli

Neg = SCY
Shigella, Citrobacter, Yersinia
1st test on Phe +, VP -, Lys pos:
Only neg = E. coli
Pos = do an INdole
Indole result of Phe pos, VP neg, LYS pos, H2S pos:
Differentiates Edwardsiella/Salmonella:
Pos = Edwardsiella
Neg = Salmonella
First test to run on Phe neg, VP neg, LYS neg:
Pos: C. freundii
Neg: do a Citrate
what test is run on Phe neg, VP neg, Lys neg, H2S neg?
Pos = Citrobacter koseri
Neg = Yersinia/Shigella - do a TSI
Last test to run on Phe neg, VP neg, Lys neg, H2S neg, Citrate neg:
Pos = Yersinia enterocolitica
Neg = Shigella

If it's citrate positive, isolate cannot be:

Shigella, Edwardsiella, E. coli
Morganella, Yersinia enterocolitica
If it's H2S positive, isolate can only be

Citrobacter freundii
If Urea is 4+ isolate can only be:
Proteus, Morganella, some Providencia
If TSI is A/A(g) isolate cannot be:
shigella, edwardsiella, Proteus mirabilis, Morganella, Providencia

These are always K/A only glucose!!!
the isolates that are NEVER A/A are:

Edwardsiella, Morganella, P. mirabilis,
Providencia, Shigella
If lysine is deaminated, the isolate can only be:
Proteus, morganella, or providencia
If VP is positive, isolate can only be
Klebsiella oxytoca/pneumonia
50% of Proteus mirabilis
If motility is pos at 37 degrees C, isolate cannot be:
Shigella, Klebsiella, or Yersinia
Of the klebsiellas, which is indole pos/neg?
K. oxytoca: Indole pos
K. pneumoniae: neg
Of the enterobacters, which are ornithine pos?

E. cloacae
E. aerogenes

Neg = E. agglomerans
How to tell Enterobacter agglomerans from other species:
Neg on Ornithine, lysine, and arginine
How to tell Enterobacter cloacae from aerogenes and agglomerans:
+ornithine, +arg, -neg lysine
How to tell Enterobacter aerogenes from Enterobacter cloacae and Enterobacter agglomerans:
+Pos ornithine, -Neg arginine, Pos lys
How to speciate Enterobacter:
Orn Arg Lys
Cloacae + + -
Aerogenes + - +
Agglomerans - - -
How to speciate Citrobacter:
H2S Indole
C. freundii + -
C. koseri - +
How to speciate Proteus:
Indole Ornithine
Mirabilis - +
Vulgaris + -