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A license ceases to exist, effective as of the date approved by the Commission, and does not involve disciplinary action.
Current Mailing Address
Where a licensee receives letters and so forth through the U.S. Postal Service.
Regulate and enforce the license Law are delegated to the commission by the Legislature.
Group License
A right granted a sales associate or broker associate to work various properties owned by affiliated entities under one owner developer.
Status of a license when it is inactive or has been suspended.
Involuntarily Inactive
The license status the results when a license is not renewed at the end of the license period.
Multiple Licenses
Licenses held by a broker in two or more real estate brokerage firms.
Prima Facie Evidence
Requiring no further proof; acceptable on the face of.
Powers delegated to the FREC to discipline real estate licensees for violations of real estate license law and FREC administrative rules.
Powers delegated to the FREC to enact rules and regulations, decide questions of practice, and validate records (imprint with FREC's seal)
Vouluntarily Inactive
License is that results licensee has met all the requirements for licensure, yet the licensee chooses not to engage in the real estate business, and has requested his or her license be placed in the status.