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Absentee Owners
A property holder who does not reside on the property and to usually relies on a property manager to supervise the investment.
Defined in Chapter 475, F.S., to mean property zoned as such, consisting of more than 10 acres.
Professional service provided by registered, licensed, or certified appraiser or real estate licensee to produce an estimate of value.
Business Brokers
Real estate licensees who engage in the sale, purchase, or lease of businesses.
Business Opportunity Brokerage
The real estate activity, dealing in the sale, purchase, or lease of businesses.
Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
An informal estimate of market value performed by a real estate licensee for the seller to assist in arriving at an appropriate listing price, or if working with the buyer, an informal estimate of market value to assist the buyer in arriving at an appropriate offering price.
Professionals who analyze existing or potential real estate problems and recommend a course of action.
An offer of land for some public use, by an owner, together with acceptance by or on behalf of the public.
Farm Area
A selected and limited geographical district to which a sales associate devotes special attention and study; to farm an area or neighborhood.
What a sales associate does after a sale to maintain customer contact and goodwill.
Property Management
The leasing, managing, marketing, and overall maintenance of property for others.
Real Estate Business
A commercial activity in which the sale, purchase, leasing, rental, exchange, or management of real property is conducted by qualified and licensed parties acting either for themselves or for others for compensation.
4 or fewer residential units, vacant land zoned for 4 or fewer residential units or agricultural property of 10 or fewer acres.
Restrictive Covenants
Conditions placed by developers that affect how the land can be used in an entire subdivision.
Subdivision Plat Map
A plan of a tract of land subdivided into lots and showing required or planned amenities.