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A speckled leaf appearance with fine silky strands between leaves and on lower leaf surfaces suggests the presence of:
D. Spider mites
Japanese style of floral arrangement is known as:
C. Ikebana
Growing medium kept too wet will deprive plants of:
C. Oxygen
The size relationship of a floral arrangement with its surroundings is:
C. Scale
Which of the following is a shade-loving flower?
D. Impatiens
The genus and species name for the Jade Plant is:
B. Crassula argentea
7. The most common summer cooling system in greenhouses is:
D. Fan-and-pad evaporative cooling
8. Lack of early spring flowering from tulip bulbs planted outdoors is due to:
B. Lack of winter cooling
9. involves incorporating water soluble fertilizer into the irrigation systems of greenhouse and nursery crops.
C. Fertigation
10. The most common stem support mechanic used by florists in fresh cut flower arrangements is:
B. Floral foam