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Who was Leonardo da Vinci?
An italian artist and scientist, who conducted aviation research in the late fifteenth century whose drawyings were never published until the 18th century. He prsented the idea of the rotary wing 200 years before the idea was developed.
Who was George Cayley?
dedisnged the aerial carriage comprised of rotots, propellers and a canvas fuselage cover to hold its steam engine in 1842.
Who is known as the Father of British Aviation?
George Cayley
Who was Alphonse Penaud?
discovered the power of a twisted rubber band as a power source for model airplanes in 1870.
Who was Clement Ader?
A frechman who designed the Eole and its successor, the Avion III, both of which employed steam engines for power.
Who were the Montgolfier Brothers?
The invented the first hot-air balloon in 1782. Launched and recovered the first aerial passengers, a sheep, rooster and duck.
Who was Jean Pierre Blanchard?
French balloonist, who in 1785 made the first crossing by air of the English Channel with Dr. John Jeffries of Boston. His ascents at PHI (1793) and NYC (1796) are thought to be the first in America.
Who was Pilatre de Rozier?
While attempting to cross the English Channel in a hybrid hot air balloon under a hydrogen-filled gas bad, a spark ignited the gas and he was killed in the ensuring explosion.
Who was Otto Lilienthal?
developed the cambered wing and studied the principles of lift and center of gravity.
Who was know as "the Father of glider Experiments?"
Otto Lilienthal
Who was Octave Chanute?
He experimented in gliding machines in 1896 and published Progress in Flying Machines in 1893 and expounded on Lilienthal's progress in glider flight.
Who was Samuel Langely?
published aerodynamic findings for the Smithsonian Institution and experimented with launchig (catapulting) the "aerodrome" from a house boat on the Potomac River.
When was the first manned controled puwered flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C. accomplished?
December 17, 1903
Who was teh first passenger?
Leon Delagrange (1873-1910), who rode the French pilot Henri Farman on a meadow outside of paris in 1908.
Who was the first American Passenger?
Charles Furnas, a mechanic for the wright brothers, who flew with Orville Wright at Kitty Hawk in 1908
Who was the first licensed woman pilot in 1911?
Harriet Quimby
In what year did Harriet Quimby fly across the English Channel?
What observation did Montigolfiers discover?
That hot air rises
Who were the first passengers of the Montgolfier balloon?
A sheep, a rooster and a duck
Who made the first official heavier-than-air powered flight in Europe?
Alberto Santos-Dumont in his canvas-and-bamboo bipland in 1906
Who made the first solo around the world balloon flight in the Spirit of Freedom?
Steve Fossett (2002)
European scientist, studied the flight of birds-advocated a design that would separate propulsion from the source of lift (preferable a fixed wing), a much different design from the ornithopter. Known as the "father of british aviation."
George Cayley
Who said "To invent an airplane is nothing. To build one is something. But to fly is everything."
Otto Lilienthal
Who designed and built 18 different glider models (15 were monoplane, 3 were biplane), all were controlled by the movement of the pilot rather than through the use of any active control surfaces.
Otto Lilienthal
a civil engineer, designed the first bridge (railroad) over the Missouri River and desinged the Union stockyards in Chicago and Kansas City. Designed the glider that would be the model for the Wright Flyer.
Octave Chanute
Astronomer and head of the Smithsonian Institution. Wanted to design the first powered glider. Designed the Aerodrome.
Samuel Langley