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Damage to ares 4, 6 and 8 cause what?
Motor dysfunction on the contralateral
What areas make up the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex?
Areas 9, 10, 11 & 46
What sort of dysfunction is seen with damage to dorsolateral prefrontal lobe?
1. Abstracting/Creative
2. Higher cortical function
3. Complex reasoning
4. Judgement issues
5. Akinesia
6. Abulia
What is a lack of spontaneity or initiative?
What is loathness to move?
Damage to the frontal lobe can impair _______ while sparing ________.
1. Concentration
2. Intellectual capacity
As we age ________ becomes dominant over ________.
1. Frontal lobe
2. Limbic lobe
When does the frontal lobe become fully myelinated in males?
Why might a young male seem like he acts more on his emotions then with reason?
His libic lobe is still dominant over his pre-frontal cortex.
The prefrontal cortex has important connections to the _______.
The dorsal medial nucleus of the thalamus connects with what two structures?
1. Dorsal thalamus - sensory
2. Hypothalamus
What information does the DMN receive?
1. Interal viscera
2. Some somatic components
How does the DMN send information to the prefrontal cortex? What does it pass through on the way? What sort of response does it deal with?
1. Anterior thalamic radiations
2. Anterior limb of the internal capsule
3. Intellectual response to stimuli
What does the DMN use to send information to tehe orbital surface of the frontal lobe? What do these connections have to do with? How do they get there?
1. Inferior Thalamic Radiations
2. Emotional response
3. They go under the anterior limb of the internal capsule
What is the DMN involved in?
Affective tone
What is the integration of new or peculiar experiences and our unique responses to those experiences?
Affective tone
What is a result of lesions in the frontal lobe involving the medial surface and the anterior part of the cingulate gyrus and the more caudal parts of the superior frontal gyrus?
Akinetic mutism
What artery, when lesioned, leads to akinetic mutism?
Anterior Communication Artery
Urinary and fecal incontinence is seen with what disorder?
Akinetic mutism
What can one prescribe for someone with akinetic mutism?
What is the result of a frontal labotomy?
Patients become apathetic and compliant, but they lose their creative ability.
What can surgeons do to help OCD patients?
Lesion the medial portions of the anterior cingulate gyrus.
Which lobes of the brain does Pick's disease affect?
1. Frontal
2. Temporal
When does Pick's usually present?
What will a patient with Pick's disease still be able to do and why?
1. Calculate
2. Their parietal lobe is intact
What are two things you may see in Pick's patients?
1. Receptive aphasia
2. Expressive aphasia
Overall in Pick's patients, what changes would you see?
They become apathetic, placid and incontinent of urine and feces.
As Pick's progresses, what will they develop?
Akinetic mutism
Effexor blocks the reuptake of what two things?
1. Seratonin
2. Norepinephrine
What is Aricept
AchE Inhibitor
What is Namenda?
Glutamate antagonist
What is a Craniopharngioma?
Tumor of the pituitary gland
What are symptoms expressed with a Craniopharngioma?
1. Olfactpry hallucinations
2. Short-term memory loss
What connects the medial temporal lobe to the orbital gyri and the prefrontal cortex?
Uncinate Fasiculus
A tumor of the uncinate fasiculus can cause?
1. Olfactory hallucinations
2. Seizures
In what syndrome do people feel like their friends and loved ones have been replaced?
Capgras syndrome
Where is the damage is one has gustatory hallucinations?
1. Anterior insular cortex
2. Inferior frontal lobe
In what syndrome do patients examine everyting orally?
1. Kluver-bucy syndrome