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Kaiser Wilhelm II-
Emperor of Germany
Thought he represented the new Germany
Left arm was shriveled
Aggressive and power hungry – promoted war
Broke up the original alliances
Sided with Austria-Hungary which started the war
Built navy to threaten Britain
Otto Von Bismarck-
Wanted peace
Wanted 3:2 ratio of alliances
Leader of the socialist group but wanted war
Suffrage Movement:
Women wanted right to vote, mostly in England
Men said that women had smaller brains
Women walked with spears and bombed but men still wouldn’t let them vote
Jean Jaures-
Scholar, politician
Wanted peace
Led the socialist movement
Died in 1914, so did his ideas
Vladimir Lenin
Supported war
Leader of Bolsheviks, takes Russia out of war
Promoted distrust in Kerensky
Started revolution
Became communist group + led Russia by propaganda
Russians were the protection of the Balkan Serbs because of language religion and alphabet, Serbs in Austria wanted to go to Serbia to form a “Greater Serbia”
Tsar Nicholas II-
Russian Tsar, blamed for Russia’s loss in the war
Thought to be mystic who saved Nicholas II’s son from dying from hemophilia
People saw him as a fraud, was murdered
Schlieffen Plan-
Military plan set up by Germans that declared a two front war between France and Russia (who were allies) This meant Germany couldn’t completely mobilize their troops against Russians
Hold of Russia in east, go through mutual Belgian to France, defeat France at Paris, return east and take out Russia
(1914) Germany’s biggest war. Schlieffen plan still in effect. Germany couldn’t mobilize their troops against Russians
Russia decided to corner Germany by coming from both east and west – when Germany heard about this they moved their entire army to Tannenberg and massacred the Russians
The Marne(1st)-
In desperation to defeat Germans taxis full of troops were sent to the front lines
Turned into a stalemate- neither the Germans nor the French could dislodge eachother from the trenches
SIGNIFIGANCE: destroyed the Schlieffen plan
Germany was to kill as many French as possible
First war of attrition
1 million people were killed on each side
The Somme-
Bloodiest day in British History
20,000 men killed double that wounded
Alexander Kerensky-
Led Russia between its first and second revolution
Wanted to launch another attack on Germany – Failure
SIGNIFIGANCE: Lennin became leader + Russia backed out of the war
Russian Revolution of October 1917
Overthrew the autocracy wanted “peace and bread” Russians didn’t want to be in the war anymore- they had lost a lot.
SIGNIFIGANCE: lead to provisional government which lead to Bolsheviks rule