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el roseton
circular stainglass, like a flower
la fachada
front of the building
la cupola
a dome or cupola
la vidriera
stain glass
la reja
gate or fence
la sala del tesoro
treasure room
el portico
deck or porch
la miniatura
decorated letters
la entrada
the entrance
el foso
the moat
la almena
merlons or para pats
la muralla
a big wall
la torre
the tower
el alcazar
a castle, palace
la fortaleza
a fortress
el escudo
the coat of arms
el matacan
the defense tower
el toro
la plaza de toros
bull ring
la corrida
el matador
star bullfighter
el torero
bullfighter (famous or not)
el picador
lancer (on horseback)
el banderillero
bullfighter on foot (inserts banderillas)
el traje de luces
suit of lights
la montera
two cornered hat of the bullfighter
la veronica
a type of pass (over the bull's head)
sol y sombra
the "sun and shade" seats available at a corrida
el paso doble
the type of music played at a bullfight