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Basic Human Needs
Developed by Maslow-
Physiologic needs(o2)
Safety and security
Love & belonging
Self esteen
Self actualization
Blended Family
a traditional family, formed when parents bring unrelated children from previous relationships together to form a family **US**
a specific population living in the same geographic area--has resources such as hospitals, roads,schools,etc
Extended Family
such as grandparents, uncles, nieces
any group of people who live together
Hierarchy of nasic needs
Maslows therory in the need of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of patient care
Love and belonging needs
understanding and acceptance of others in both giving and receiving love, and the feeling of belonging to the families, peers, friends, neighboorhood and the community
Nuclear Family
or Traditional family;composed of 2 parents and their children, all kids live in the same house reguardless of age
Physiologic needs
oxygen, water, food, temperature, elimination, sexuality, physical activity and rest, must be met to maintain life
Safety and security needs
physical & emo components
ex-hand washing, use of electrical equipment, fall prevention, teaching
the HIGHEST level on the hierarchy of needs-acceptance of others as they are, focus of interest on problems outside self, ability to be objective,respect for all people, feelings of happiness and affection for others,ability to decifer good from evil, creativty and problem solving/pursing interest
Self esteem needs
need to feel good about him/herself, feel pride, joy, self esteem