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What is Line Spacing?
It is the amount of vertical space between the line of text in a document.
What is a Header?
It is the text that you want printed at the top of each page in the document.
What is a Footer?
The text that you want printed at the bottom of each page.
What does dock mean.
When you attach a floating toolbar above or below the standard and formatting toolbars.
What are Shortcut Keys?
The are keyboard key combinations to format text as you type it.
What is AutoCorrect?
When you type you may make typing,capitaliation,or grammer mistakes and this feature corrects theese mitakes as you go.
What is Automatic Page Breaks?
It is when it determines the text has filled the page and automaticly adds another page on to the first one.
What is a Work Cited Page?
It is a bibliographical list of works that are referenced directly in the research paper.
What is Hyperlink?
It's a shortcut that allows a user to jump easily and quickly to another location in that document or to another documents Web Page.
What is a Clipboard?
It's a temporary Windows storage space.