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age grated theory
turning points in life.
children career marriage
critical femiminsit
men exploit womena nd control their sexuality
liberal feminist
females are less delinquenct. b/c social roles prevent opp.
cycle of family disiullusion
reject goals reject society
socialization of children
being into society and become integrated
social process theories
person interactoin with key elements of society --family peers schools religion
problem behavior syndrome
take traits from all theories and mix
social development theory
delinquency stems from behavior problems from childhood socialization....
perceived opp
degree of involvement
child ability to participate
5 techniques of neutralization
condemm condemers
blame victim
deny responsiblity
deny injury
appeal to higher authoriy
neutralization theory
drift in and out
masculilinty hypothesis
female criminal abandon female role and take on male characterics
conventional $
multiple pathways to delinquency LOEBER
authority conflict-covert-overt
blended family
both members of couple already have kids
fueds idea
girls punish themselves for not having penis
75% of kids..
are employed
lessening of success goals in favor of strict customs- cults
reject/incapable of legitimate means. STEAL
general strain
-removal of pos stumili (divorce)
-presentation of neg stimuli (child abuse)
-disjunction of expectation achievements
battered child syndrome
non accidental physical injury of kids by parents / guardians
latent trait theory
people dont change- criminal opportunity do. maturity limits opp.
other setting besides jail
substitute goals for others- terrorists
chivalry hypothesis
low female crime rates show law enformcement's lienecy with females
did research -cant obtain, make other ways.
conformity innovation ritualism retreatism rebellion
strain theory
people want same things. some cant obtain legintimaelty
social control mechanisms
shcools law religion courts. lack of is "natural area" for crime
social capital
pos relationships
pro social bonds
pos. attached to society
social structive theories
less concerned w/ offender
AREAS of delinquency
social bond theory
the ties someone has with society. -attachement -commitment -belief -involvement
containment theory
if you have pos self image, it insulated you
control theory
delinquency results from weakened efffetcts. social mechanisms dont work. BORN BAD
life course theory
people have multiple traits. change over time
differential reinforcement
behavior is formed by reaction of others by that behavior
learning theory
kids learns linquency from others. born good, learn bad
grouping of society based on classes
age of peer groups
contagion effect
catch deviant behavior from siblings
mass murders in which spouse and one or more kids is killed
restorative justice
crime looked at as a violation of relationship between actors.

must apologize and take respon.
must fix
social conflict theory
those w power make rules keep those in pweor in power. those rich stay rich
self fulfilling prophecy
neg feedback will make kids beleive its true. - leads to damaged self esteeme