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What Novel was "The Birth of a Nation" based on?
The Clansmen by Dixon
What was the major contribution D.W. Griffith made to film with his work on films like Broken Blossoms and Birth of a Nation?
He was one of the first directors to show multiple story lines continuing at the same time. He took this concept from novels.
What are the major aspects of German Expressionism?
-dramatic make up
-objectification of emotions
-skewed sets
low key lighting =
creates high contrast
Intellectual Montage
the meaning takes place when the movie runs in sequence, not in the film strip itself
What kind of montage is the Odessa Steps sequence?
Rythmic: in the use of the music and the pacing of the shots and the focus on the feet of the marching soldiers to the beat and rythm of the music.
What character does Gish play in Birth of a Nation?
Elsie Stoneman
Set designer for Metropolis
Otto Hunte
Music in Metropolis by:
Godfrey Hupertz
name two emblems/motifs in The Passion of Joan of Arc
the ring and the crown
Why are there seemingly no backgrounds in The Passion of Joan of Arc?
"Joan is set against eternity" according to Prof. Riggio, also in my opinion this allows us to focus more on her facial expressions since we are not distracted by the sets
How does the fair function in Caligari?
It is an expression of the madness in the world. It is a terrifying public space and there is a sense of enclosure in this scene which is enhanced by the iris.
What is significant about the shot of Cesare and the trees in Caligari? (there is a screen shot in your book which you can look up in the index under the film's title)
The trees are bare and threatening like Cesare
What WAS the symptomatic meaning of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari BEFORE the framing section was added?

(this question is confusing and I could see Prof. Riggio putting a question like this on the test b/c the answer comes from the 2ndary readings on The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari)
Anti-psychiatric, Anti-German, anti-organization
What is the referential meaning of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari?
The nation just lost the war.
What is the explicit Message in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari?
Francis is insane he tells the story as an insane person.
Referential meaning of The Wizard of Oz:
During the Depression. Tornadoes are common in Kansas
Implicit Meaning in The Wizard of Oz:
Dorothy's dream world allows her to escape reality
Symptomatic meaning/Ideological meaning in The Wizard of Oz:
In a society where publicly, value is established by $, family and home can be seen as a retreat
Why did Dreyer believe close ups were important in his films?
He believed "You see the soul through the face"
Describe Jane's room in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari:
Round in shape with flowing fabrics. It is often shot in a pink tint. There are flowers in her room and the room is womb like in shape.
Describe the Asylum set in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari:
Sterile and Geometric. The classical Greek sense of fascade
What did Griffith do with his actors that was revolutionary?
He payed his actors to rehearse! He told them where to stand etc.
A better description of expressionism:
-shows people isolated and alone
-physical and visually conveys emotion
-rejects naturalism
-sets = highly stylized
-unrealistic scenes
apparent motion:
illusion of motion created in films
Regend Theatre:
First Theatre lasted briefly
People involved in IMP- Independent Moving Pictures Co.
Carl Laemmle, Kessela Baumen, Patrick Powers