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What is the #1 NECESSITY of cores?
they must be self retentive after crown prep
There must be ___mm of sound tooth below the core margin to have good seal/strength
What is the name for the band that surrounds the residual tooth structure, helping to resist fracture?
ferrule effect
Which (amalgam or composite) has the advantage of prepping/placement in the same day?
which adapts to the prep better, composite or amalgam?
which material is more moisture sensitive, composite or amalgam?
custom posts are to be used for teeth with....(3)
tapered canals,
anterior teeth
single root PM's
custom posts should NOT be used for...
custom posts are either
polyethelene fiber
cast metal
Pre-fab nonmetal endo posts are only used for....
Resin cores
Pre-fab metal endo posts are used for....
amalgam OR resin core
pre-fab non-metal endo posts are used for
resin core oNLY