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What is the purpose of provisional prosthesis?
-Protect the pulp, protect the margins and prevent leakage, maintain space, provide good esthetics
What is the difference b/t a direct provisional and an indirect provisional?
-Direct provisionals are fabricated in the mouth
-Indirect provisional are fabricated w/ a model outside of the mouth
What are the critical characteristic of hygienic pontic?
-A fully convex surface that will resist trapping of food debris, and sufficient space b/t the belly of the pontic and the ridge to allow easy cleaning.
What are the advantages of a multi-unit fixed provisional compared to several single-unit provisionals?
-Allows the patient to evaulate the estehtics of the multi-unit prosthesis and see what it feels like in the mouth, also maintains tooth position and prevents supraeruption of opposing teeth.
Is Protemp Garant an appropiate material for fabricating a long-span provisional FPD?
What are the two types of provisional restorations?
-Custom and prefabricated
What is the ideal properties of a properly constructed provisional restoration include:
Convenient handling, biocompatibility, dimensional stability, ease of contouring, adequate strength, abrasion resistance, good esthetics, ease of adding and repairing, chemical compatibility w/ luting cements
Prefab provisionals take several forms:
Simple aluminum cylinders,
-Metal crowns that mimic the normal anatomic contour of teeth
-Clear Celluloid shell (used as mould)
-Pre-made tooth-colored polycarbonate crowns.
-Custom provisional is best option
Provisional FPD is what?
-Multi-unit provisionals that mimics the characteristics of final fixed partial denture a patient will receive.
What is the dimension of hygienic pontic?
-1.0 -2.0 mm clearance (pontic tip to crest of ridge)
-Facio-lingual dimension is reduced by 1.5-2.0 on either side (total of 3-4 mm)