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Which character makes three times Eddie's salary?
Which character blames the war and his father for failure to achieve his goals?
Who explains to Eddie how his father died?
Who inadvertently causes the death of Eddie's father?
Mickey Shea
Who fulfills his vow to leave no one behind?
the Captain
Which character provides the tenderness in Eddie's childhood?
Eddie's mother
Who explains to Eddie that lost love is still love?
Who tells Eddie he was destined to keep the children safe?
Who tells Eddie there are no random acts and everyone is connected?
the Blue Man
Who is the harsh disciplinarian in Eddie's life?
Eddie's father
Can you explain a statement which Albom uses to convey the meaning of the book?
"All endings are also beginnings."
Three of Eddie's physical characteristics are apparent in the beginning of the novel, what are they?
a) his service in the armed forces; b) his job-related injuries; c) his declining health
At least three things occur during the countdown of Eddie's last hour on life, what are they?
a) takes two children on a roller coaster ride; b) gives Dominguez a gift of $40.00; c) makes a pipe cleaner dog for a little girl
A physical anomaly is associated with the Blue Man and is directly related to what?
his nervous disposition as a child
What symbolizes the fear and death of war?
the dog tages hanging from a helmet sitting atop a rifle when Eddie arrives in his second state of heaven
Name three things that occur when Eddie is a prisoner of war.
a) a guard kills Rabozzo; b) the prisoners are forced to work in a coal mine; c) Eddie intrigues the guards with his juggling skill.
What type of analogy does the author use to compare youth to glass and parents to handlers, and when does the "final handprint" on Eddie's glass occur?
the first time he defends himself against his father
Why does Eddie tell Ruby that heaven makes no sense to him?
he has too many unanswered questions and no peace
Why does Eddie resent his father?
for dying and trapping him in a life he hates
What simile symbolizes the gradual healing of Eddie and Marguerite's marriage?
"Love, like rain, can nourish from above...but sometimes must nourish from below."
What literary term describes the following phrase, "Memory becomes your partner. You nurture it, hold it, dance with it."
What does Tala's purification in the river symbolize?
the cleansing of guilt and anguish from Eddie's soul?
What is significant of Tala pulling Eddie through the river?
it signifies the cleansing of Eddie's painful wounds and memories
How does the author use the following phrase, as a literary term metaphor?
"He (Eddie) was a leaf in the water."
How does the author use the following phrase, what literary term does it describe: "Her body is tossed like a doll?"
What happens when Eddie meets Marguerite in heaven?
she is a bridesmaid for a wedding
What happens when Marguerite goes to find Eddie at the racetrack?
she is injured in a car accident
Following are three situations that came about as a result of Marguerite's accident.
a) she and Eddie stop communicating; b) the child they were going to adopt goes to someone else; c) Eddie never gambles again
What does the pure, silent white Eddie encounters symbolize as he enters his final state of heaven?
a) physical coldness; b) his inability to find the right path; c) his entry into purgatory
What happens when Eddie washes Tala in the stream?
her singed flesh falls away
When is the Captain free to progress to his next stage of heaven?
after he receives Eddie's forgiveness
Eddie's father damages him in three ways, what are they?
a) violence; b) silence; c) neglect
What does Eddie do that causes him to never speak to his father again?
Eddie defends himself
Why does Eddie take a full-time job at Ruby Pier?
he must look after his mother
What is Ruby's primary purpose in waiting for Eddie in heaven?
to guide him to forgive his father
What happens to Eddie as he progresses through the stages of heaven?
he becomes physically weaker
When Eddie has to go to war, what dream does he have that has to be put on hold?
to become an engineer
When Eddie stops praying during the way, who is killed?
What is the main message of the condition of the prison camp in the Philippines?
Which ability of Eddie's does he use to provide a way to escape?
Eddie's ability to juggle
Why does Eddie stagger into the flames of a burning hut?
because he believes someone is inside
Why does the Captain shoot Eddie?
to save his life
Which statement would characterize how Eddie feels about his job?
it requires no more brains than washing a dish
When Eddie dies, what was his intention?
he is trying to save a child's life
What is absent from Eddie's life after he dies?
he is free from pain and worry in his life
The first stage of heaven that is portrayed by the author, features Eddie in what stage of his life?
Ruby Pier of his childhood
What does the Blue Man explain to Eddie about why people cannot speak when they first arrive in heaven?
not talking helps them listen
How did Eddie inadvertently cause the Blue Man's death?
by chasing a baseball into the street
Mitch Albom, the author of the book, begins the novel in an unsual way, can you explain?
the novel begins with an ending
The following three characteristics describe Eddie's physical description.
a) his age; b) a war injury; c) the type of work he does
During his last hour on Earth, does Eddie do anything abnormal?
no, Eddie does not do anyting abnormal, he goes about his normal routine