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What is a "canal?"
a man-made river.
If you are in a building that is full of smoke, should you:
A. walk on your tip toes?
B. crawl
What are the cool colors?
Purple, blue, green
Why should we think about fire safety?
So that we don't panic like Eva if we are ever in a fire.
What did Max do to help his friend?
Taught him to dance.
What are strawberry preserves?
Strawberry jam or jelly
What shape is a "pyramid"?
A triangle shape
If you hear a fire alarm, what's the most important thing to do?
Get out!
What are the warm colors?
Red, orange, yellow
What is the climate like in Ungava Bay?
Arctic Tundra (very cold, no trees)
What does "comical" mean?
What does "climate" mean?
What the weather is like
What are the names of all seven days of the week?
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
What is a samovar?
a Russian teapot.
What does "embrace" mean?
to hug
Why was Boris crying in Max's dining room?
Because he was jealous.
What does it mean to have "sour grapes?"
Saying you don't want something you really do want just because you know you can't have it.
What does "elegant" mean?
What does "occupation" mean?
your job
What does "glum" mean?
How do people get around in Venice?
On boats in the canals.
What is a Czar?
a king in Russia (before 1917)
Where does Papa Piccolo live?
Venice, Italy
What changed Piccolo's life forever?
Becoming a Papa Cat.
What did Eva do wrong when she realized she was lost?
She panicked.
Name two occupations in "Another Celebrated Dancing Bear.
Animal Doctor
What was Eva looking for on the bottom of the sea?
Where does Eva live?
Ungava Bay, Canada
Where do Boris and Max live?
Moscow, the capital city of Russia
If you hear a fire alarm should you:
A. Open your door quickly to see where the fire is
B. Feel your door first to see if it is hot.
B. Feel your door first to see if it is hot.

If it's hot, there might be a fire on the other side. Try to find a different way out.
Why did Ping run away?
He didn't want to be the last duck up the bridge and get spanked.
Is Ping's family:
A. small
B. large
B. large
Where does Ping live?
On the Yangtse River in China
Who was Marco Polo?
A great explorer who went from Venice, across Europe and Asia into China. He wrote about his adventures to let his people know about China.
Name the three longest rivers in the world.
Nile, Amazon, and the Yangtse