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What to KNOW about Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus (IPN)
Fry & finglering affected
older=chronic carriers
causes necrosis of pancreatic anicar cells, pylorus & intestinal epithelium
horiz. & vert. transmission
control by depopulation
What to KNOW about Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus
affects young trout & salmon in pacific (naturally), in hatcheries everywhere
causes anemia, exophthalmia, necrosis of kidney & spleen
horiz. (spawning) & vert. (on external egg=Tx effective) transmission
control by depopulation, Tx eggs w/ iodophores
What to KNOW about Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS)
affects salmonids & some nonsalmonids
prevalent in Europe, isolated in WA & Great Lakes
Anemia, exophthalmia, hemorrhage into skel. muscle
horiz., vert. (outside) transmission
FORIEGN Animal Disease status
Depopulate, Iodophores on eggs
What to KNOW about Herpes of Salmonids
affects fry & fingerling trout & salmon
Abdominal extension, erratic swimming
Horiz. transmission
VI-from ovaries
Control by avoidance
What to KNOW about Infectious Salmonid Anemia (ISA)
"Hemorrhagic kidney syndrome"
affects many salmon ssp.
orig. in canada, causes severe hemorrhage & necrosis of kidneys & spleen
Mandatory depopulation, disinfect equip/facilities
FORIEGN Animal disease
* What to KNOW about Lymphocystis *
found worldwide
usually self-limiting
causes granular, wart-like nodules (often-not always white)
Transmitted by rupture of infected cells
Control by culling/avoidance
What to KNOW about Channel Catfish virus (CCV)
a herpes virus only found in cultured U.S. catfish
seen most @ warmer temps
High mortality in fry & fingerlings
causes acute hemorrhage everywhere liver, kidney, fins, abdominal distention
Horiz. transmission
Control by ↓ tenps, depop., sanitation/isolation
* What to KNOW about Fish Pox *
Chronic, superficial disease of carp & koi
raised white hyperplastic nodules on skin/fins (cutaneous warts)
seen in winter/early spring
horiz. transmission
control by depop., ↑ temps
What to KNOW about Large Mouth Bass Virus
affects Large adults
affects the swim bladder, causing loss of equilibrium
horiz. trans.-h2o & prey
control by depop & avoid
What to KNOW about Spring viremia of carp
"infectious dropsy" in carp
acute hemorrhage in young & adults, aimless swimming
Seen in spring & early summer
control by culling & avoid
FORIEGN Animal Disease
What to KNOW about Lip Fibroma of Angelfish
benign dermal fibromas on lips of juvenile & adult (usually Geriatric) angelfish
biggest problem=physical obstruction of mouth
Control by depop back to original brood stock
What to KNOW about Koi Herpes virus
Only affects koi & carp
Acute, very high mortality
make prone to 2ardy infections
trans. by infected water, by subclinical carriers
control by depop.- usually so acute they all die before you can
What to KNOW about Aeromonas hydrophila
1 of the most common diseases of fish
Ubiquitous, motile freshwater organism
mainly warm h2o
skin ulcers,hemorrhage & raised scales= osmoreg imbalances
Reduce stress, improve h2o qual