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Ma Huang*
Ephedrae herba

sweat, wheeze, pee and Bi.
depletes fluids and yin.
Not to be used in Hypertension.
Gui Zhi*
Cinnamomi Ramulus

1. harmonizes ying and wei levels
2. warms and frees channels
Chest Bi
sweat w/out improvement
Zi Su Ye/Geng*
Perilliae Folium

2.promotes qi movement and expands chest
3. detoxifies seafood poisoning

**Great for morning sickness
JIng Jie*
Schizonepetae Herba

2.Vents rashes and alleviates itching (for surface rashes)

*Either wind heat or cold
Fang Feng*
saposhnikoviae Radix

**Used for all wind disorders**
4. detoxifies Hg and arsenic poisoning
Qiang Huo*
Notopterygii Rhizoma seu Radix

Best for occipital H/A
*w/Du Huo for whole body Bi/Tai Yang stage w/dampness (Er Huo) w-c-d
What category is Gao Ben in?
Ligustici Rhizoma
Bai Zhi
Angelicae Dahuricae Radix
*3xdischg (nose, skin, vag)
1. relieves w-c, *opens nasal passages
2. discharge pus
Yang ming frontal H/A
Vag. discharge
Xi XIn
Asari Herba
good for cold, cold-phlegm( esp.internal cold), opens nasal passages
Xin Yi hua*
Magnoliae Flos
opens nasal orfices
Cang Er Zi*
Xanthii Fructus
1. Opens nasal orfices
Cong Bai
Alii Fistulosi Bulbus
early-stage wind-cold (sweat it out)*
Sheng Jiang
Zingiberis Rhizoma
2. middle jaio disharmony
3. warms the LU to stop cough
(d/t wind-cold invasion)
*Reduces tox of other herbs in formula
Bo He
Menthae Herba
2. Vents rashes at the surface d/t wind-heat (early stage)
3.mildly soothes LV Qi
*wind-heat s/s esp w/red, itchy, painful eyes
Chai Hu*
Bupleuri Radix
1. harmonizes interior and exterior to treat Shao Yang syndrome
2. smoothes LV Qi
3. Raises the Yang

*LV/ST disharmony
* a. SP yang for prolapse (w/sheng Ma)
Niu Bang Zi*
Arctii Fructus
vents related skin rashes

2. moistens intestines to relieve constipation

w/blood and pus, use Bai Zhi to clear heat **vs. Mangjingzi, no eyes,yes moisten LI
What Channels does Sang ye go to?
Sang ye
Mori Folium
Clears LU heat
clears LV heat and "brightens eyes"
dry cough
Chan Tui
Cicadae Periostracum
extinguishes internal wind for spasms
esp for skin rash, throat probs (hoarseness) and red eyes
Ju Hua*
Chrysanthemi Flos
1.treats general w-h invasion, esp related *eye problems
2.Clears LV heat and "brightens eyes"
What Channels do Ju Hua go to?
Man Jing Zi
Viticis Fructus
H/A, eye and ear probs
Dan Dou Chi
Sojae Semen Preparatum
1. releives w-h invasion early stage
2 *calms irritability and restlessness

*w/zhi zi for irritability
What category is Fu Ping in?
Ge Gen
Puerariae Radix
1. releives wind-heat invasion, releases muscle layer for "GeGen syndrome"
2. engenders fluids

*also vents measles
*High Blood pressure
Sheng Ma*
Cimicifugae Rhizoma
*raises SP yang
*w/Chai Hu for prolapse
Shi Gao
Gypsum Fibrosum
ST and LU heat
4 BIGS (Qi-level/Yang MIng stage)
Zhi Mu*
Anemarrhenae Rhizoma
*generates fluids and moisten dry conditions, sweet nature
*treats excess and xu heat
Zhi Zi*
Gardeniae Fructus
1. clears re or huo from all three jiaos*
esp. heat related Shen probs (more severe issues than Dan Dou Chi)
* irritibility
Dan Zhu Ye*
Lophateri Herba
promotes urination (bland)
HT heat
Xia Ku Cao
Prunellae Spica
lowers HBP (assoc. w/LV fire or LV yang rising)
esp for eye probs
scrofula, phlegm nodules

LV yang rising (causes pressure, HBP, nodules, eye probs, etc)
Lu Gen
Phragmitis Rhizoma

**Looks like straw to gen fluids or to drain fluids
1. clears heat from LU and ST
2. generates fluids* esp for LU/ST yin xu and zao (alleviate thirst)
3. promotes urination (hollow inside)
Tian Hua Fen
Trichosanthis Rx

Herb for LU TB**
(clear LU heat)
gen. fluids, discharge pus
Jue Ming Zi
Cassiae Semen
moistens intestines
lowers HPB and cholesterol (d/t LV fire/yang rising)
w/xia Ku Cao for red, painful eyes, tearing, H/A, etc d/t
a. LV fire blazing
b. wind-heat invasion

for eyes: 2 ways ( LV fire/yang rising or wind-heat)
Xi Gua
Citrulli Fructus Vulgaris
clears summerheat

food therapy
**Know its in this category and not summerheat (Herbs that Clear Heat and Drain Fire)
Shui Niu Jiao
Bubali Cornu

Herbs that Cool the blood
extreme heat in Ying and blood levels

used as a substitute for xijiao but much weaker
Sheng Di Huang
Rehmanniae Radix

Herbs that cool the blood
nourishes yin, gen fluids
Xuan Shen
**Scrophulariae Rx (for scrofula)**

Herbs that cool the blood
nourishes yin
softens hardness, dissipates nodules
Mu Dan Pi
**Moutan Cortex**

Herbs that cool the blood
invigorates blood to resolve stasis that has already occurred

clears ascending LV fire

clears xu heat

treats excess and xu heat
Zi Cao
Arnebiae Lithospermi Radix

herbs that cool the blood
Clears heat, cools blood, res. toxicity, vents rashes

clears damp-heat from skin (Zit Cao)

moistens LI and prom. urine
Huang Qin*
Scutellariae Radix

Clear Heat and dry damp
upper jiao
clears heat stops bleeding
clears heat, calms fetus
sedates ascendant LV yang
Huang Bai*
phellodendri Cortex

drains damp-heat, esp from lower jaio
drains KD fire( ascending KD fire yin xu s/s)
Huang Lian*
Coptidis Rhiz*

clears heat, stops bleeding
clears heat topically
Long Dan Cao*
Gentianae Radix

clears damp-heat in the LV/GB channels
drains and pacifies excessive LV fire and/or wind-heat
Ku Shen
Sophorae Flavescentis Radix

kills parasites, stops itching

promotes urination to clear damp-heat (Lin syndrome/acute UTI)

esp for genital parasites

esp for Genital parasites
Qin Pi
Fraxini Cortex

drains LV fire, benefit eyes
Jin Yin Hua*
Lonicerae Flos*

vents/disperses externally-contracted wind-heat/summerheat

sore throat

can vent Wei-level heat (Yin Qiao San) & clear Qi-level heat
Lian Qiao*
Forsythiae Fructus*

for ext-contracted wind-heat
reduces abscesses and dissipates clumps

used with Jin Yin Hua for ext. attack (Yin Qiao San) & heat in deeper levels

"sage like herb for sores"
What category is Da Qing
Isatidis Folium in?
what category is Ban Lan Gen in?
Isatidis Radix
What Category is Qing Dai in?
Indigo Naturalis
Pu Gong Ying
Toraxace Herba
***no better herb for breast abscess****
What category is She Gan in ?
Belamcandae Rhiz.
What category is Tu Fu Ling in?
Smilaciae Rhiz
What category is Zi Hua Di Ding in?
Violae Radix
What category is Bai Tou Weng in?
Pulsatilla Chinesis Radix
what category is Bai Xian Pi in?
Dictamni Cortex
What category is Chuan Xin Lian in?
Andrographitis hb
What category is Bai Hua She She in?
Cao/Hedyotis Hb
What category is Jiang Cao in?
***What category is He Ye in?****
Nelumbinis Folium
used to be in summerheat category.
treats summerheat but in heat tox. cat.
He Ye
Nelumbinis Folium

clears summerheat (w/damp)
raises and clears SP yang

esp. diarrhea
Lu Dou*
Phaseoli Semen*

treats summer heat but in toxic heat category.

Clears summerheat
esp with thirst
**what category is Lu Dou in?**
Phaseoli Semen
What category is Ma Chi Xian in?
**What are the functions of Qing Hao**
(Know this!)

Artemesiae Annuae Herba
CH from xu
1. clears xu re (yin xu)
3.TREATS MALARIA (alt chills & fever)
4.COOLS BLOOD AND STOPS BLEEDING (clears heat from blood)

*Artemesiae like Ai Ye (also stops bleeding)
What category is Di Gu Pi in?
Lycii Cortex
CH from Xu
What Category is Bai Wei in?
Cynanchi Radix
CH from xu
What category is Yin Chai hu in?
stellariae Radix
CH from xu
Da Huang*
Rhei radix et Rhizoma*

DD (Drain Downward)
2.drains fire or fire from excess
3.clears heat, trans damp, prom urination

Mang Xiao
Natrii Sulfas
*very cold and salty

Drain Downward
softens hardness to purge accumulation
What category is Fan Xie Ye in?
Sennae Folium
Drain Downward
What category is Lui Hui/Aloe in?
Drain Downward
Huo Ma Ren*
Cannabis Semen
nourishes yin
Constipation in elderly
post febrile, post pardom
xue xu
yin xu w/constipation
What category is Yu Li Ren in?
Pruni Smeni
Moist Laxatives
What category is Feng Mi in?
Moist Laxative
Qian Niu zi
Pharbitidis semen

Harsh Expellants/Cathartics
expels intestinal parasites
What category is Qian Niu Zi in?
Harsh Expellants/Cathartics
What category is Gan Sui in?
Kansui Radix
Harsh Expellants
What category is Ba Dou in?
Crotonis Fructus
Harsh Expellants
Fu Ling*
Poria Hoelen*

Herbs That drain Dampness (A.K.A Herbs that promote urination)
promotes urination (bland), leaches out dampness
strengthens SP
Quiets the HT, calms the spirit
Zhu Ling*

Drain Damp
promotes urination, leaches out damp
Ze Xie*
Alismatis Rhizoma*

Drain Damp
Drains KD fire
Yi Yi Ren
Coicis Semen

Drain Damp
Clears heat to discharge pus
LU/LI abscess
Bi dampness

**looks like a Ball of pus**
Che Qian Zi*
Plantaginis Semen
Promotes urine
clears the eyes
expels phlegm, stops cough
What category is Che Qian Zi in?
Drain Damp
Hua Shi
clears heat, resolves dampness (promoting urination)
clears summerheat

topical for damp skin lesions

topical and internal
Deng Xin Cao*
Latin****look up

Drain Damp
What category is Bian Xu in?
Polygoni Avicularis Herba
Drain Damp
Di Fu Zi
Kochiae Frucus
expels damp, stops itching
eczema and scabies

Ku Shen=genital itch
Jing Jie=superficial itch
Di fu zi=damp itch
What category is Dong Gua Zi in?
casae semen
Drain Damp
Bi Xie
Bi Xie Dioscorea Hypoglaucae Rhizoma
seperates clear from turbid
cloudy urine or VD
Yin Chen*
Hao/Artemesiae Scopariae Herba
Clears damp heat to treat jaundice
What category is HanFangJi/Fang Ji in?
Stephaniae Tetrandrae Radix
Drain Damp
Du Huo
Angelicae Pubescentis Radix
1. Dispels wind-damp and Alleviates pain esp in lower jaio

w-c-d Bi, esp in lower body (acute and chronic) w-c invasion w/dampness (H/A, joint pain, fever, chill)
Wei Ling Xian
Clematidis Radix
Bi w/pain (low back, legs)
Alleviates Pain (esp good for pain)
trad. used to soften (salty) fish bones caught in throat*

Very yang, mobilizing
What category is Hai Tong Pi in?
Erythrinae Cortex
Dispel Wind Damp
Mu Gua*
Chaenomelis Fructus

relaxes sinews, unblocks channels
reduces food stagnation

good for TMJ charlie horse
What category is Can Sha in?
Dispel WInd Damp
Can Sha
Bombycis Faeces
harmonizes ST
Wu Jia Pi*
Acanthopanacis Cortex*
dispels wind damp, strengthens sinews and bone (ton. LV/KD)
What category is Qin jiao in?
Macrophyllae Radix
Diespel Wind Damp
Qin Jiao
Macrophyllae Radix
resolves damp, reduces jaundice
Sang Zhi
Mori Ramulus
esp good for upper limbs with Gui zhi

wind damp Bi w/spasms, esp good for upper extremeties
What category is Sang Zhi in?
Dispel Wind Damp
What category is Xi Xian cao in?
Siegesbeckiae Herba
Dispel Wind Damp
What category is Bai Hua She/ Agkistrodon seu Bungarus in?
Dispel Wind Damp
What category is Sang Ji Sheng in?
Taxilli Herba
Dispel Wind Damp

ton. LV/KD yin (used to be in yin tonic category)
Qian Hu
Peucedani Radix?

Cool & Trans Phlegm Heat
Directs Qi down and dispels phlegm
disperses and scatters external wind heat

cough,wheeze w/thick sputum (phlegm-heat)
Chuan Bei Mu**
Fritillariae Cirrhosae Bulbus

Cool & Transform Phlegm Heat
cough of many kinds (chronic, yin xu)
**Clears heat, dissipates nodules, phlegm accumulation

sores, swellings, scrof, LU or breast abscess
Zhe Bei Mu**
Fritillariae Thunbergii Bulbus

Cool & Transform Phlegm Heat
Acute LU heat patterns
*clears heat, dissipates nodules
scrofula, LU/breast absc, d/t phlegm fire
Gua Lou**
Trichosanthis pericarpium

Cool & Transform Phlegm Heat
moves zong qi, opens chest
Gua Lou Pi
Trichosanthis Pericarpium

Cool & Transform Phlegm Heat
regulates Qi, expands chest

surface edema
Gua Lou ren**
Trichosanthis semen

Cool & Transform Phlegm Heat
expands chest
moistens intestines
Zhu Ru** KNOW THIS!!!!
Bambusae** Caulis in Taeniam

Cool & Transform Phlegm heat

stops bleeding
stops vomiting d/t ST heat

LU/GB heat
Kun Bu
Eckloniae Thallus

Cool & Transform Phlegm heat
good for insubstantial phlegm
What category is Kun Bu in?
Cool & Transform Phlegm Heat
Hai Zao
good for insubstantial phlegm
What category is Hai Zao in?
Cool & Transform phlegm Heat
Jie Geng**
Platycodi Radix

only goes to LU
Warm & Transf Phlegm cold
opens and disseminates LU QI, benefits throat
directs other herbs to the upper body

strongly guides upwards like a balloon
LU/throat abscess

**Goes to LU only
"balloon flower root"
Zhi Ban**
Pinelliae Rhizoma preparatum**

warm and transf phlegm cold
descends rebellious Qi (rebellious Qi)

directs rebellious Qi down, stops vomitting

dissipates nodules

looks like little phlegm nodule
Zhi Tian Nan Xing
arisaematis Rhiz. preparatum

warm and transf phlegm cold
disperses wind phlegm, stops spasms (insubstantial phlegm blocking channels)

dizzy, vertigo, numb limbs, facial paral, spasms, lockjaw, stroke, etc
Bai Ji Zi**
Sinapis Semen**

warm and transf phlegm cold
Warms LU

(topical to lesson s/s of bronchitis/asthma between episodes, may cause skin irrit b/c its so warm
Xuan Fu Hua**
Inulae Flos

warm and transf phlegm cold
Directs Qi down, stops vomiting

for rebellios qi of LU (cough) & ST(vom)
like Ban xia
What category is Bai Qian in?
Stauntoni Rhizoma
warm and transf phlegm cold
Xing ren
Armeniacae Semen
stops cough, calms wheezing
moistens intestines

toxic in high doses
What category is Zi Wan in?
Asteris Radix
Herbs that releive cough and wheeze
Kuan Dong Hua**
farfarae Flos

Releive cough and wheeze
cough and wheeze of many kinds
What Category is Zi su Ye in?
perilliae Fructus
relieve cough and wheeze
Pi Pa Ye
Eriobotryae Folium
***Rebellious Qi of LU/ST like xuan fu hua & Ban xia but w/heat

clears LU heat, descends LU Qi

clears ST heat, harmonizes ST, descends ST Qi
Bai Bu
Stemonae Radix
expels parasites, kills lice
Sang Bai Pu**
Mori** Cortex
Drains LU heat, stops cough, calms wheeze
promotes urination, reduce edema
used for high Blood pressure

think of it as a diuretic

like Lasiks in WM
Cang Zhu**
Atractylodis Rhizoma**

Aromatic Trans Damp
strongly dries damp and strengthens ths SP

same family as BaiZhu (Er Zhu) both dry damp and strengthen SP

d/t its high Vit A content
Hou Po**
Magnoliae Cortex**

Aromatic Trans Damp
resolves stagnation
promotes downward Qi movement

strongly moves Qi down, in form
to eliminate dist/stag
Huo Xiang
Pogostemonis Herba

Aromatic Trans damp
Releases, resolves ext
harmonizes middle jaio, stops vomit

patchouli, ST flu herb!!!
nausea and vomitting with external s/s
Sha Ren**
Amomi Fructus

Know ALL!!!!!

Aromatic Trans Damp
1.promotes movement of Qi, transforms damp
2. Warms middle, stops diarrhea
3.Calms fetus
4.add in formula to prevent stagnation

Amomi=a mommy w/ morning sickness, diarrhea, restless fetus
What category is Bai Dou Kou** in?
Amomi Fructus Rotundus

***Don't confuse with RouDouKou or RouCongRong***
Aromatic Transf damp
What category is Cao Dou Kou in?
Alpiniae Katsumadai Semen
Aromatic Herbs that transform dampness
What category is Cao Guo?
Tsaoko fructus
Aromatic Transform damp
Shan Zha**
Crataegi Fructus**

Herbs that relieve food stag.
relieves food stag, esp d/t meat and greasy foods
trans xue stasis, dissipates clumps (enters LV channel)
used for HBP, CAD, high cholesterol
What category is Shen Qu in?**
Massa Medicata Fermentata**
Herbs that relieve food stag.
Mai Ya
Hordei Fructus Germinatus
strengthens ST
restrains lactation
fascilitates smooth flow of LV Qi
Gu Ya
sativae Fructus germinatus
strengthens ST
What category is Lai Fu Zi** in?
Raphani Semen**
Herbs that relieve food stag
Ji Nei Jin
Gigeriae Galli Endothelium Corneum
strongly reduce any food stag.
secures Jing, stops enuresis

transf. hardness, dissolves stone

stones in urinary or bilary tract (KD, GB)
What category is Jing Mi in?
Aromatic Trans Damp
Chen Pi**
Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium**

Aromatic Trans damp
1. Reg. SP/ST Qi
2. dries damp, transforms phlegm
3. helps prevent stagnation

Qing Pi**
Citri Reticulatae Viride pericarpium

aromatic trans damp
spreads LV Qi, breaks up stag
Ju Hong
citri reticulatae exocarpium

aromatic trans damp
dries dampness (more drying & aromatic than Chen Pi, not as harmonizing for the middle)
Zhi Shi**
Aurantii Fructus Immaturus**

aromatic trans damp
transforms phlegm, expels focal distention
raises BP


desc Qi, unblocks bowels
Zhi Ke**
Aurantii Fructus Immaturus**

aromatic trans damp
milder than zhi shi so used for xu people
Xiang Fu**
Cyperi Rhizoma**

aromatic transf damp
Very good for reg LV Qi and LV/SP disharmony
regulates menses
often called female herb

looks like long bread slices
Da Fu Pi**
Arecae pericarpium**

aromatic transf damp
**Damp food pi**
promotes urination and reduces edema

food stag
Mu Xiang**
Aucklandiae Radix** (wood Fragrance)
SP/ST Qi stag
strengthens SP, prevents stag.

good for IBS, crohns
Wu yao
Linderae Radix
warms the KD
Chen Xiang
Aquilariae Lignum Resinatum
wheezing (KD not grasp)
Chuan Lian Zi**
Toosendan Fructus
very good for stag in LV meridian esp w/heat
secondarily kills parasites and alleviates pain
San Qi**
Notoginseng Radix**

herbs that stops bleeding
Stops bleeding AND trans. stasis for internal and external bleeding
Reduces swelling and Alleviates Pain for "knocks and fails"

**Bleed from xue stasis**
Pu Huang**
Typhae Pollen**

herbs that stop bleeding
stops bleeding for int. and ext. bleeding
invigorates xue and dispels stasis
Promotes urine, stops bleeding

**Bleeding from stasis**
Di Yu
Sanguisorbae Radix

herbs that stop bleeding
Cools the xue and stops bleeding

**Bleeding d/t heat in xue**
Huai Mi
Sophorae Flos Immaturus

herbs that stop bleeding
Cools the LV
***Bleeding d/t heat in the xue***
Ce Bai Ye
Platycladi Cacumen

herbs that stop bleeding
Cools xue and stops bleeding
stops cough and expels phlegm
**bleeding due to heat in xue**
Bai Mao Gen
Imperatae Rhizoma

herbs that stop bleeding
cools xue and stops bleeding
**bleeding d/t heat in xue**
Xian He Cao
Argimoniae Herba

herbs that stop bleeding
Restrains leakage of xue
**bleeding d/t SP Qi xu**
Bai Ji
Bletillae Rhiz.

herbs that stop bleeding
Restrains leakage of xue
**Bleeding d/t SP Qi xu**
Ai ye
Artemesiae Argyii Folium

herbs that stop bleeding
Warms the womb and stops bleeding d/t cold from xu

**Bleeding d/t cold congeal**
Chuan Xiong**
Ligustici Radix
loveage root

Herbs that invigorate blood
invigorates xue and promotes Qi movement
expels wind and alleviates pain for external wind attack or skin problems

esp good for H/A
Dan shen**
Salviae** Miltiorrhizae
soothes irritability
Ji xue teng
spatholobi Caulis
promotes movement of and tonifies xue
invigorates channels, relaxes sinews
Yan Hu Suo
Corydalis Rhizoma
widely used for pain* of any kind affecting chest.
Yu Jin
Curcumae Radix

invigorate blood
clears HT heat
benefits GB and reduces jaundice
Yi Mu Cao
Leonuri Herba

invigorate blood
regulates menses**
reduces swelling

sores, abscess, swellings
Chi Shao
Paeoniae Radix Rubra

invigorate blood
invigorates xue and dispels stasis
clears heat, cools xue
**invigorates xue and clears LV fire like Mu Dan Pi**
Tao Ren
Persicae semen

invigorates blood
Moistens LI, unblocks bowels
Hong Hua
Carthami Flos

invigorates blood
invig blood, dispels stasis, **unblocks, menses
incomplete expression of measles rash
Ru Xiang

invigorates blood
invigorates blood and promotes movement
relaxes sinews, invig channels, Alleviates Pain***
reduces swelling and generates flesh
Mo Yao

invigorates blood
invigorates xue, dispel stasis, reduce swelling, alleviates pain,
(Huai) Niu Xi**
Achyranthis Bidentatae radix**

Invigorates xue
invigorates xue, dispels stasis
ton. LV/KD, strengthen sinews/bones, benefits joints
clears damp-heat in lower jiao
Chuan Niu Xi
Cyathulae Radix

invigorates xue
expels wind, drains damp for wind-dampness
Zhi Fu Zi**
Aconiti**Radix Lateralis Prep.
disperses cold, warms channels, alleviates pain
yang collapse
Gan Jiang
Zingiberis Rhizoma

warm the interior and expel cold
warms the middle
warms LU and trans. thin mucus
Rou Gui**
Cinnamoni Cortex**

warm the interior and expel cold
disperses deep cold, warms and unblocks channels and alleviates pain
leads Ming Men fire back to its source in the KD
upcast yang/true cold, false heat/cold below, heat above

Wu Zhu Yu
Evodia Fructus

warm the interior and expel cold
warms middle
redirects rebellious Qi and stops vomiting
stops diarrhea

cold bulging disorder (inguinal) dysmen

Jue Yin/vertex H/A (releives constraint in the LV channel)
Ding Xiang**
Caryophylii Flos**

warm interior and expel cold
warms middle
warms KD
Ren Shen
Ginseng Radix

Tonify Qi
1.tonify Yuan Qi for collapse
2.strengthens SP/ST
3.ton LU Qi
4.gen fluids for wasting-thirsting/xiao-ke
5.Benefits HT Qi and calms spirit
Dang Shen
Codonopsis Radix

Tonify Qi
tonifies middle jiao qi
tonifies LU

"poor man's Ginseng"
Tai Zi Shen
Hai Er Shen/Pseudostellariae Radix

Tonify Qi
strengthens SP Qi and LU Qi
generates fluids
more mild for kids
Huang Qi**
Astragali radix**

Tonify Qi
1. Ton. Qi and xue
2. ton. SP, raises yang
3. augments Wei Qi and stabilizes exterior
4. promotes urine, reduces edema
5. discharge pus and generates flesh
Shan Yao**
Dioscorea Rhiz**

Tonify Qi
Ton. KD stabilizes and binds
wasting and thirsting
Bai Zhu**
Atractylodi Macrocephalae**

Tonify Qi
1. Ton SP Qi
2. dries damp,
3. stabilizes exterior, stops sweating
4. calms fetus

Better for SP xu than damp (CangZhu=damp)
Da Zao
Jujubae Fructus

Tonify Qi
1. Ton SP Qi
2. Nourishes xue and calms spirit
3. moderates and harmonizes harsh properties of other herbs

"restless organ disorder"
Gan Cao/ Glycyrrhizae
all 12

Tonify Qi
moderates spasms and alleviates pain
moderates and harmonizes other herbs
Shu Di Huang
Rhemanniae Radix preparata

Ton. Blood
1. ton. xue
2. nourishes yin of LV/KD
3.Strongly enriches yin
4.nourishes xue, **Ton. JIng
Zhi He Shou Wu
Polygoni Multiflori Radix preparata

Tonify Blood
***WIFE has malaria (Wind in skin, moist intestines, Fire tox. sores, Essence, Malaria)
Dang Gui**
Angelica Sinensis Radix

Tonify Blood
1. Ton. xue and reg menses
2. Invig. and harm xue, disperse cold
3. moistens LI, unblocks bowels
4. reduces swelling, expel pus, gen flesh, alleviates pain
Bai Shao**
Paeoniae Radix alba

Tonify Blood
***Only herb for xue xu w/LV Qi stag***

calms LV yang and alleviates pain

adjusts ying and wei levels
E Jiao**
Asini Corii**

Tonify Blood
Ton Blood
stops bleeding
nourish and moisten yin
Gou Qi Zi**
Lycii Fructus**

Tonify Blood
nourish and ton LV/KD for yin and xue xu patterns

Benefits Jing and brightens eyes

enriches yin, moistens LU

Sang Shen**
Mori Fructus**

Tonify Blood
pre-mature greying

fluid insufficiency
Long Yan Rou**
Longan Arillus

Tonify Blood
Ton. and augments HT & SP
nourishes xue, calms spirit

students formula