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What did the Continental Army officers form?
Society of the Cincinnati
What was the law that awarded all of the father's property to the eldest son?
What church was legally established in some New England states?
Congregational Church
What did the Anglican Church reform itself as before being completely disestablished due to its connections to Britain?
Protestant Episcopal Church
Where was the separation of church and state hardest to obtain?
What statute did Thomas Jefferson use to win separation of church and state in Virginia?
Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
Who founded the first antislavery society in 1775?
Philadelphia Quakers
When did the continental congress call for the abolition of slave trade?
What couldn't emancipated African-Americans do?
Purchase property, hold certain jobs, and educate their children
Why wasn't slavery simply abolished?
The congress was afraid of risking unity in America.
What state allowed women to vote for a time?
New Jersey
What were women of the revolution a great model of that gave them the opportunity to get more education?
Proper republican behavior
What did the continental congress do in 1776?
It called upon colonies to draft new constitutions
What was special that Massachusetts did in coming up with its new constitution?
Massachusetts submitted the draft to the people for ratification and ratification was required for modifications.
What did most states require of citizens?
They had to ellect legislators annually.
Why were the executive and judicial branches so weak?
Because of paranoia caused by conflicts with the king
Why were the legislatures given the most power?
It was the most democratic.
What did the poorer western districts complete through their influence?
The capitals moved further west.
What did the states do with loyalist holdings?
They cut them up into small farms.
How was the excesses of the French Revolution avoided?
Cheap and available land.
What was most important to citizens?
Economic democracy over political democracy
More disagreeable after independence than before
British Navigation Laws
What did Yankees do to make use of their newly found ability to trade freely with foreign nations?
They ventured to the Baltic and China Seas. The Empress of China led to the East Asian markets.
What did war spawn as far as business?
Illegal business deals and the selling of products in short supply for as much as 300% profit.
What happened to the social structure?
The rich became poor and the new rich were looked at with suspicion.