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霞ヶ関 / 霞が関(かすみがせき) area in Tokyo, Japanese Government Departments
講堂(こうどう) auditorium
談話 (だんわ) a talk; conversation, ーする to speak about/on
課題が山積する mountain (pile) of difficult problems/issues
重大な意義を持つ have/hold great significance, be (truly) significant
順守する(じゅんしゅ) to observance, obey (laws, rules etc)
本丸(ほんまる) inner citadel, dungeon
突破口に(とっぱこう) as a breach, pt of contention
決別(けつべつ) separation; farewell
舵取り (かじとり) helmsman, steering; guidance
克服(こくふく) subjugation; conquest, ーする overcome, triumph over, rise above
明け暮れる(あけくれる) to do nothing but; to spend all one's time doing
まやかし deception; make-believe; fake; counterfeit; phony
唱える(となえる) to advocate, chant, call upon
白紙委任(はくしいにん) carte blanche; blank check; unconditional authority
一掃する(いっそう) to wipe out
一元化(いちげんか) unification; centralization; centralisation
断行 decisive action, ーする to carry out
躍進(やくしん) breakthrough, advances, dash
社民党 Social Democratic Party
蚊屋; 蚊帳(P) 【かや】 (n) mosquito net
さらされる to be exposed to
富める(とめる) rich, wealthy
傾注(けいちゅう) devotion; concentration, devote onself to, concentrate on
[階層] / [ハイアラーキー] hierarchy, 階層制の hierarchical, 階級社会 hierarchical society
形式 formality
多義性 ambiguity (of a word), 曖昧さ(あいまいさ) ambiguity
謙遜させる humbling
人類学者 anthropologist; ethnologist
に専念する devote/dedicate self to, に専念している get wrapped up in
抑(そもそも) in the first place; to begin with
滞在する to stay, visit, reside in
吹奏する(すいそう) play wind instruments
売春(ばいしゅん) prostitution, 売春婦(ふ/ぷ) prostitute
に纏わる(まつわる) about; concerning; associated with, この湖に纏わる悲しい物語 the sad story about this lake
屈する (くっする) to yield/bend/cave in/buckle (圧力,権威,要求に to pressure/authority/demands)
比喩的 (ひゆてき) figurative, 比喩的意味 figurative meaning
抽象的(ちゅうしょうてき) abstract
厚生労働省 Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
賛否両論 the pros and cons [利害得失 pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages]
道州制 administrative reform proposal, involving integration of prefectures into 7 or 9 states
賛否両論併記(へいき) writing the pros and cons side by side
権限 power; authority; jurisdiction
財源(ざいげん) revenue source, (source of) funds, resources,
政局 the political situation
ー熟す(こなす) to handle/master something, (break to pieces, digest)
担保(たんぽ) security, guarantee, (collateral for a mortgage)
付帯決議 【ふたいけつぎ】 (n) supplementary (additional) resolution; ED
社民党 Social Democratic Party
大乱(たいらん) rebellion; great uprising
ずるずる sound or act of dragging, loose/inconclusive unwanted situation, trailingly
決着 settlement, decision, ーをつける finalize, settle, wrap up
従順(じゅうじゅん) obedient; gentle; meek; submissive; docile
仮に(かりに) temporarily, provisionally, for example, for argument's sake
無所属(むしょぞく) independent, nonpartisan
手足 【てあし】 (n) one's hands and feet; limbs; (P); EP
縛る 【しばる】 (v5r) to tie; to bind
給付金 benefits, payment
痛手(いたで) serious wound, を与える deal a hard blow, を被る(こうむる) to suffer a hard blow
養成する to train, nurture, bring along, cultivate
取り纏める(とりまとめる) compile, collect, arrange (ideas)
納付(のうふ) payment or supply (税金を納付する)
収納 【しゅうのう】 (n,vs) crop; harvest; receipts; putting or stowing away; (P); EP
経費 【けいひ】 (n) expenses; cost; outlay
山場 【やまば】 (n) climax; turning point
対立ムード antagonistic/confrontational mood/sentiment
処方箋; 処方せん 【しょほうせん】 (n) prescription
後発医薬品 generic drugs/medicine
円滑 【えんかつ】 (adj-na,n) harmony; smoothness; (P); EP
ウルグアイ ラウンド Uruguay round of multilateral trade negotiations
本部を置く to put or to place a headquarters (in a particular area)
著作権 【ちょさくけん】 (n) copyright; (P); EP
商標権 trademark rights
特許権 【とっきょけん】 (n) patent rights; ED
個々 【ここ】 (n) individual; one by one; (P); EP
貿易紛争 trade disputes
提訴国 countries suing/presenting a case
確固とした法的根拠(かっこ) a firm legal basis
保護主義 preservationist
障壁(しょうへき) enclosing wall, barrier (通商,音速,関税 trade, sound, tariff)
仲裁 【ちゅうさい】 (n) arbitration; intercession; mediation; (P); EP
甲類 【こうるい】 Group A cases (Domestic Affairs Adjustment Law)
禁固刑 imprisonment
勝訴 【しょうそ】 (n) winning a lawsuit; (P); EP
決裂 the breakdown or rupture (of a friendship, negotiations)
先送り(さきおくり) postpone [延期する, あとまわしにする]
ずれ込む drag on, be delayed
受託 being entrusted with; taking charge of; (P); EP
方式 method, system, mode
開放 open, throw open, liberalization, 開放経済 an open economy
思惑 【おもわく】 (n) expectation
絡み合う 【からみあう】 (v5u) to be(come) intertwined; to be entangled; (P); EP
乱用 【らんよう】 (n,vs) abuse; (P); EP
[鉱工業]鉱工業品(こう) [mining and manufacturing industry] industrial goods
電子商取引 / EC, e-commerce
閣僚会議 ministerial conference
貿易政策検討機関 Trade Policy Review Board
一般理事会 general council
紛争解決機関 Dispute Settlement Body
物品理事会(ぶっぴん) Council for trade in goods
貿易関連知的所有権理事会 Council for trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights
サービス理事会 Council for trade in services
最恵の(さいけい) most favorable
互恵原則(ごけい) reciprocity princible, rule of mutual benefit
軽減 【けいげん】 (n,vs) abatement; (P); EP
規定 regulation (speed, size), (no kids, no speeding) provisions
拘束力 binding force, 法的拘束力がある legally binding
対立 confrontation; opposition; antagonism; (P); EP
転換 convert; divert; (P); EP
[補助金] 輸出補助金 [subsidiary aid, subsidy, grant] export subsidies
非常時態宣言 declaration of a state of emergency
人材育成 talent cultivation, fostering talent
統計 【とうけい】 (n,vs) statistics; (P); EP
首脳会議 【しゅのうかいぎ】 (n) summit meeting; top-level conference; ED
図式 【ずしき】 (n) scheme; (P); EP
群島 【ぐんとう】 (n) island group; archipelago
[評議会] 東ティモール民族抵抗評議会 [council] (CNRT) National Council of Timorese Resistance
受け皿(ざら) saucer (a means of dealing with the fallout)
戦線 【せんせん】 (n) (war) front; (P); EP
軍事介入 【ぐんじかいにゅう】 (n) armed intervention; military intervention; ED
解体 dismantling (a house or group), to scrap, break up
圧勝 a sweeping victory
財務相 Financial Ministers, Ministers of Finance
通例 customarily, usually, ordinarily
抜本処理(ばっぽん) drastic processing, sweeping overhaul
貧困(ひんこん) poor
資金洗浄(せんじょう) / マネーロンダリング money laundering
撲滅 extermination/eradication (of people, enemies, diseases), (がん)ー運動 crusade against cancer
プラザ合意 Plaza agreement (1985 agreement of G5 nations)
ドル高是正 redress or revision of the dollar appreciation/high-valued dollar
協調介入 coordinated intervention
旨の声明を出す to state, proclaim, inform
ルーブル合意 Rouble Agreement/Louvre Accord
下落 (げらく) depreciation/decline/fall (of/in the dollar, drop(in price)
食い止める prevent (延焼(えんしょう)the spread of /fire), resist(an enemy), hold back(emotions)
に乗り出す to set out/set sail, embark upon (a war, 事業), venture on, (to lean forward)
最貧国債務(さいひんこくさいむ) debt owed by the world's poorest nations
利害関係者 stakeholder; person holding other people's stakes in a venture (legal)
ローマ法王 (Pope)
旧敵国条項 provisions for former enemy nations, former enemy clauses
国連防災世界会議 The UN World Conference on Disaster Reduction
非戦闘地域 noncombat area
候補者討論会 presidential candidate debate
司法取引 plea-bargain
多国籍軍 multinational forces
退避勧告(たいひ) evacuation notice
テロ危険度 threat level
核燃料再処理 nuclear reprocessing
交通規制 traffic regulations, 輸入規制 import regulations
統合失調症 schizophrenia
イラク新法 special measures law of Iraq reconstruction
領事条約 consular treaty
日本総領事館 Consulate General
劣化ウラン弾(れっか) depleted uranium shell
人間の盾(たて) human shield
石油備蓄(びちく) oil stockpile
対人地雷(じらい) antipersonnel landmine, mine
財務長官 Secretary of the Treasury
起訴猶予にする (きそゆうよ) to shelve an indictment
法案修正 amendment of bill
ミサイル防衛 Missile Defense
特別会計 special account
補欠(ほけつ) a fill-in, substitute, replacement, 補欠選挙 special or by-election
基本計画 master plan, ground plan
公示 public announcement, edict
行政訴訟 administrative litigation
[所信] 所信表明演説 [one's opinions/convictions] general policy speech
政治資金 political fund
政界再編 political realignment/reshuffling
育児休業 paternity leave
三位一体(さんみいったい) The (holy) trinity, a trinity
[官房] (内閣)官房長官(かんぼう) [secretariat] Chief Cabinet Secretary
住民[国民]投票 referendum
通常国会 / 常会 regular session of the Diet
武器輸出三原則 three basic principles of arms export
税制大綱(たいこう) outline of tax system
[審査会] 政治倫理審査会 [(review) board] Political Ethics Committee
辞職勧告決議 to advise a member of the Diet to resign
逮捕許諾請求(きょだく) request to allow the arrest of a Diet member
非核三原則 the Three Non-Nuclear Principles
首相官邸(かんてい) the Prime Minister's Official Residence
統一地方選挙(いつ) nationwide local elections
[潜在] / [潜在能力] / 潜在意識 [potential, latency] / [(経済的な) (ec) potential, latent ability] one's subconscious
EC (European Community)
IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
ILO (International Labor Organization)
IMF (International Monetary Fund)
INF (Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces)
国際協力事業団 / ジャイカ
JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
北米自由貿易協定 / ナフタ
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
北大西洋条約機構 / ナトー
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)
新興工業経済地域 / ニーズ
NIES (Newly Industrialized Economies)
NPO (Non-Profit Organizations)
OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)
石油輸出国機構 / オペック
OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)
PKF (Peace Keeping Forces)
PKO (Peace Keeping Operations)
戦略兵器制限交渉 / サルト
SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks)
戦略兵器削減条約 / スタート
START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty)
国連貿易開発会議 / アンクタッド
UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development)
UNHCR (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
WHO (World Health Organization)