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George Frisbie Hoar
anti-imperialist Republican Senator from Massachusetts around turn of 20th century
Albert J. Beveridge
Eloquent American imperialist and progressive around turn of 20th century.
Carl Schurz
Prussian-American, civil war general, senator from MO, against wars in Cuba and Philippines
John Hay
Secretary of State under Roosevelt
Built Open Door policy in China
Strenthened alliance with UK
Lincoln's secretary
Elihu Root
Secretary of War, then State under TR. Senatyr 1909-1915, NYC Lawyer, Nobel Peace Prize winner
Henry Cabot Lodge
Republican senator from MA 1893-1924.
Imperialist. Best friend of TR. Defeated Wilson's League of Nations.
William T. Sampson
-General in the Spanish-American War
-Led the commission investigatin the Maine explosion
-Sent to find Spanish naval commander Cervera when they dispatched him to Cuba
-Found him and destroyed his fleet during blockade of Santiago
The main island of the Philippines, where Manila is.
Emilio Aguinaldo
Leader of the Filipino resistance