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There is a break in the continuity of a tissue in the body either internal or external
Soft Tissue Injury ( WOund)
There is a break in the skin surface which causes external bleeding
Open Soft Tissue Injury (Open Wound)
There is a break in the skin surface but the other tissues like blood vessels are damaged |" internal bleeding"
Closed Soft Tissue Injury (Closed Wound)
What are the kinds of Open Wound
1. Abrasion - shallow with slight bleeding
2. Puncture - deep with narrow
3. Incision- deep straight cut with severe bleeding
4. Laceration - form with irregular edges
5. Avulsion- tissues are forcefully separated form the source
First Aid for Wound with Slight Bleeding
1. Wash with mild soap
2. Apply mild antiseptic
3. Cover the wound
First Aid for Wound with Sever Bleeding
1. Control Bleeding
a. apply direct pressure
b. elevation
c. pressure on the
supplying artery
2. Cover the wound with sterile dressing and secure with bandage.

3. Care for Shock
4. Consult a Physician
Signs and Symptoms of Closed Wound
1. Hematoma - a formation of blood that cloth to form solid swelling

2. swelling
3. discoloration
4. pain
5. Tenderness
6. Presence of blood in the feces
First Aid for Closed Wound
1. Ice Application
2. Compression
3. Elevation
4. Splinting
Splint - any device to immobilized the injured area
KInds of Bleeding
1. Arterial - spurting
2. Venous - gushing
3. Capillary - oozing leak out slowly