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S. aureus
1) TSST-1: superantigen, toxic shock snydrome (fever, rash, shock). 2) Enterotoxins
S. pyogenes
1) SPE toxin: superantigen, toxic shock-like syndrome. 2) Streptolysin O (hemolysin) => ASO antibodies
Corynebacterium diphtheriae
ADP-ribosylates EF2 => pharyngitis, pseudomembranes... heart, neuro
exotoxin ADP ribosylates EF2
Vibrio cholera
ADP-ribosylate Gs => * AC => inc Cl- secretion => rice water diarrhea
E. coli
1) Heat-labile toxin ADP-ribosylate Gs => * AC => inc Cl- secretion => watery diarrhea (like V. cholera) 2) Heat-stabile toxin * GC
Bordetella pertussis
toxin deactivate Gi => * AC and inh chemokine R? => impaired PMN chemotaxis, lymphocytosis
Clostridium perfringes
alpha toxin => gas gangrene. Double zone of hemolysis.
Clostridium tetani
enters at NMJ, retrograde transport. Degrades synaptobrevin => dec release of glycine and GABA by Renshaw cells => tetany, lockjaw
Clostridium botulinum
enter by endocytosis. A (light chain) cleaves SNAP25 (a SNARE) => inh ACh release => anticholinergic sx, flaccid muscle paralysis. Floppy baby syndrome. Spore in honey, canned food.
Bacillus anthracis
complex of exotoxins. 1 is an adenylate cyclase
shiga toxin cleaves host rRNA (60S), enhances cytokine release => HUS