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Erb-Duchenne palsy. what's the other name? where's the lesion? what's it look like and why
Waiter's tip. C5-C6 by trauma. !deltoid => ad. !biceps => ext. !rotator cuff => medially rotated, pronated.
Klumpe's paralysis. Where's the lesion and what causes is? Deficit?
C8-T1 by stretch, pancoast tumor. intrinsic mucle of hand => can't make first => "claw hand"
C7 lesion. How? What happens?
Cervical disc lesion. lose tricep reflex, 3rd finger sesnation.
Axillary nerve lesion. How? What happens?
Humerus dislocation, fracture at surgical neck. !deltoid=>ad. !teres minor => medial rotated.
Posterior cord injury. How? What happens?
Dunno. Wrist drop (radial) w/ ~delt.
Long thoracic nerve injury. What muscle? Physical findings?
Serratus anterior. Winged scapula.
Radial nerve lesion. How (3)? What happens? Which muscles? Where is sensation lost?
Wrist drop. Compression in axilla (crutch) = Saturday night palsy, midshaft humerus fracture (spiral groove), subluxation of radius. Extensor carpi radialis/ulnaris, extensor digitorum/indicis/minimi +/- triceps dep on where it is. Sensation: loss lateral dorsum hand.
Musculocutaneous injury. How? What happens? sensation?
dunno. !bicep => extended/pronated. sensation: lateral forarm
median nerve lesion. how?
supracondylar fracture of humerus, carpal tunnel syndrome, dislocated lunate
median nerve lesion. what happens? sensation?
ape hand: can't flex/oppose thumb. hand of benediction: can't flex 2+3. ulnar deviation: flexor carpi radialis.
ulnar nerve lesion. how?
fracture hook of hamate, compression at heel, fx at medial condyle of humerus.
ulnar nerve lesion. what happens? sensation/
ulnar claw hand: !lumbricals => 4+5 clawed at rest. !interosseus: can't hold paper btwn fingers. radial deviation: flexor carpi radialis. sensation: palmar 4.5-5.
clavical fracture doesn't always cause a brachial plexus injury. why?
subclavius muscle.
what does the radial nerve supply
BEST: brachioradialis, extensors of fingers/wrist, supinator, triceps
thenar/hypothenar muscles
opponens, abductor, flexor
pudendal nerve block. where?
ischial spine
draw the carpal bones.
what supplies the head of the femur? describe the path from the aorta
aorta => common iliac => femoral artery => medial circumflex
what supplies the upper shaft of the the femur? describe the path from the aorta
aorta => common iliac => femoral artery => lateral circumflex => upper shaft of femur
genioglossus: function and nerve
protrude to contralateral side. cn 12
hyoglossus: function and nerve
retract. cn 12.
palatoglussus: function and nerve
retract. cn 10. all palats are 10, except tensor veli palatini (V3)
draw brachial plexus w/ lesions.
draw enervation of hand sensation
back of skull. dermatome?
turtle neck shirt. dermatome?
t shirt collar. dermatome?
nipple. dermatome?
xiphoid process. dermatome?
umbilicus. dermatome? why important?
T10. early appendicitis referal.
inguinal ligament. dermatome?
anus, penis. dermatome?
knee cap. dermatome?
L4. L4 to the floor (on your knees)
Muscle spindle fibers? measure? synapses?
parallel, measure length. inc in length: Ia afferent => alpha, contract. (monosynaptic)
Golgi tendon apparatus
series, measure tension. inc T: Ib afferent => inhibitory neuron => dec agonist. also inc antagonist. (dysynapatic)
achilles reflex: nerve roots?
patellar reflex: nerve roots?
L3, L4
biceps reflex: nerve roots?
C5, C6
triceps reflex: nerve roots?
C7, C8
babinksi reflex
toes go down
primitive reflexes reemerge with what lesion?
frontal lobe