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I. Fire resistant
II. non-combustible
III. ordinary
IV. Heavy Timber
IIV. Wood frame
building construction helps a firefighter do what?
predict fire spread, determine structural integrity and recognize warning signs of a collapse
Fire resistant
Poor heat conduction
Prologned exposure, can collapse
Fire-resistant, poor heat conduction, strong, Spalling- mositure heated up (popping noise)
strongest material in common use, not fire resistant, good conductor of hear
non combustible but not fire resistive, ordinary glass will break when exposed
Gypsum board
not strong, good insulator, limited combustibilty (paper will burn gypsum itself won't, often a fire stop)
most common, highly combustible, weakends. Fire retardant chem. weaken wood
Dense toxic smoke when burned, thermo plastic melt and drip, thermoset lose strength but dont melt
TYPE I Fire- Resistive
All structure is non-combustible
Fires are hot and hard to ventilate
buildings w/ lots of people
TYPE II- Noncombustible
All components not combustible, single story warehouses, severity of fire determined by contents
TYPE III- Ordinary
Masonry extreior walls support walls, floors and roofs, no more than 4 stories, used in lots of building
2 types of fire load-
construction materials, contents
TYPE IV- Heavy timber
*all wood

could be eight stories, suitable for manufacturing and storing. Old school
Type V- Wood Frame
most common, wood or other combustible materials
rapidly become full involves collapse frequently
upt o four stories,
wooden i beams and trusesses. no built in safety margin
Balloon-frame- continous wood studs from basement to roof
platform frame-wall studs not continous
Building components
(forget f r t. wives do incarcerate)
foundation, floors and ceilings, roofs, trusses walls, doors &windows, Interior finishes and floor coverings