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The purpose of salvage is:
a. Protect public and private property
b. Reduce fire loss
c. Promote good public relations
Water chutes
handles water which comes from ceiling or down stairs. Water shoot.
Cleaning and inspection of salvage covers includes:
For cleaning use broom and hose stream. To inspect get under it and look for light coming through it for tears, burns, holes, etc.
Bed on fire in house, couch on on fire in house, etc.
Remove it from the building!!!
The purpose of overhaul is:
a. Locate hidden fires
b. Prevent fire extension
c. Prevent rekindle
d. Assist in determining the fire cause
e. Prevents unnecessary damage
f. Places building in safe condition
g. Improve public relations (pr)
Describe the indicators of hidden fires:
a. Smoke from baseboards, corners, outlets, and other opening and cracks
b. Obvious smoke smell which will be hard to sense as everything will smell like smoke
c. Discoloration of wall, floor, ceiling with pealing, cracking and dried paint
d. Cracking sounds
Do we restore sprikler systems?
Water catchalls
are constructed from salvage cover and placed to contain small amounts of water.
What could be used to prop up all furniture to protect it from water, and is a normal house hold item?
Can goods