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Primary search
is the first search of an are done in a quick and systematic fashion. Working in teams of two or more, focusing search to any suspected areas where a victim my be. Stay low, with full PPE, and a forcible entry tool.
» Stop and listen for victims as you search
» Maybe done before or during suppression
» Follow a side, right or left, and follow that wall around
Secondary search
is a slower and more systematic search, which is usually conducted after fire is controlled and smoke and heat conditions have improved.
Cradle in arms
» Use for conscious children and small adults
» Place one arm under the victim's knees and the other across back, keep back straight as you lift the victim waist high.
Seat carry
» Use when there are two rescuers and you are able to stand
Step 1: Bring patient to sitting position.
Step 2: Rescuers link arms across back, forming like the back of a chair.
Step 3: Both rescuers reach under victim's knees, stand and lift patient, again forming a chair.
Two fire fighter extremity carry
Step 1: One rescuer kneels at victims head the other at the feet.
Step 2: Rescuer at the head, slips their arm under patients arms and around chest, grabbing patient's wrists.
Step 3: Second rescuer kneels with feet together between patient's legs and grabs just under the knees
Step 4: Stand and carry
Chair carry
Step 1: Sit patient on chair, or slip a chair under the patient
Step 2: One rescuer lifts front legs and other lifts back of chair.
Step 3: Lift and carry
There are four main types of carries
cradle-in-arms carry, seat carry, two fire fighter extremity carry, and chair carry.
There are three main types of drags
incline, blanket, and clothes.
Incline drag
» Use to move patient down stairs
Step 1: Face patient up
Step 2: Grasp under patient's arms and grab wrist.
Step 3: Stand and let some of the patients weight rest on you as you drag.
Blanket drag
Step 1: Log roll patient onto blanket
Step 2: Wrap like a burrito
Step 3: Drag end by head
Clothes drag
Step 1: Grab clothes behind patient's head, in the collar area
Step 2: Lift with legs and walk backwards as you drag
use to stabilize vehicles and support roofs and ceilings. Cribbing is usually wooden 2 by 4 or 4 by 4 blocks.
is a series of timber or jacks use to stabile walls or side of trenches.
block and tackle
● block-wood or metal frame containing one or more pulleys
● tackle-assembly of ropes and blocks that the line passes through to multiply the pulling force
Pneumatic equipment
otherwise known as air-powered tools can use SCBA, comprssors, and apparatus air break system. Air chisels has a variety of bits and operates at 100 to 150 psi.
To prevent vehicle horizontal movement
1. Chock the wheels
2. Shut off the vehicle
3. Set break and put transmission in park
4. Donot rely on the vehicle's mechanical system as the only stabilizaion source
Always assume that electrical equipment and wires are
energized and dangerous
water emergency-rescue-
where the patient is floudering, or has been submerge for a short time
water emergency-recovery-
when the patient has been submerge for so long that he or she is probably dead
Most common problem with patients stuck in trench?
reduce ability to breath
A thorough search should be conducted at ______ structural fire
Base your searching ability on
1. The building and its surrounding
2. Stucture integrity
3. Size of fire
4. The probability of any living occupants inside
5. Estimate of search time required
House is burning down to the ground, number one is