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Pulling the ENGINE FIRE HANDLE does what
Closes engine bleed air
Fuel SOV
Hydraulic SOC
Pushing the APU FIRE EXTINGUISHER Button does what
Stops the APU
CLoses the APU Fuel SOV
Discharges the fire bottle
Pushing an illuminated CARGO FIRE DETECTION/EXTINGUISHER button does what
FLT-Discharges the high rate bottle and after 1 minute the low rate will discharge automatically

GRND-Discharges the high rate bottle, but the low rate can only be discharged if the button is pushed again
Can the CARGO FIRE DECTICTION/EXTINGUISHER button discharge the bottle on the ground without first being illuminated
Yes, but the button would need to be pressed three times. Once to arm the high rate bottle, once to fire it, and another time to discharge the low rate bottle
What bus supplies power for ENG FIRE PROTECTION
What bus supplies power for ENG FIRE DETECTION
DC ESS BUS 1 & 2
What bus supplies protection for APU FIRE PROTECTION
What bus supplies power for APU FIRE Detection
DC ESS BUS 1 & 2
Engine fire detection uses how many loops per engine
Will pushing the APU emergency stop bustton illuminate the APU FIRE EXTINGUISHING button
During an APU fire indication what would happen if you failed to push the EMERGENCY STOP button
FADEC protection would shut down the APU on the ground after 10 seconds. In flight it would not shut down.

Also, the APU fire button would illuminate after 1 minute even if the emergency stop button was not pushed
When will the APU FIRE light go out
When the fire is no longer detected
What are the indications for a successful fire test
-2 Fire handles light up
-Fwd,aft,and apu ext lights
-Apu emerg stop light
-Eng 1 fire
-Eng 2 fire
-APU fire
-AFT cargo smoke
-Fwd cargo smoke
-2 master warnings
-2 ITT fire
How many smoke detectors are in the FWD CARGO compartment
How many smoke detectors in the AFT CARGO compartment
What happens if smoke is detected in the FWD cargo compartment
Before the crew is alerted the circulation fan is turned off and a 45 second monitor of the smoke detectors is run. If nothing is detected after the BIT test is run it is treated as a fault. If 2 of the 3 detectors go into alarm the crew is alerted and the cargo fire extinguishing button will turn red.
How many cargo fire bottles are installed on the aircraft
2-One high and one low rate located in center e bay
How long after the first cargo bottle is discharged will it take for the 2nd bottle to automatically start its low rate discharge
1 minute and will last for 60 minutes
Can the 2nd bottle be discharged before the 1 minute wait
Yes, press the cargo ext button
Do we have control over the lavatory fire extinguishing sys
When the FA does her mandatory LAV test the EICAS warning and master warning are on for how long
7 seconds
Will the APU auto shutdown after a fire detection while on the ground
Yes after 10 seconds
What type of fire detection system is the 170 classified as
Class C
How many fire loops does each engine have
How many fire loops does the APU have
How many total fire bottles does the engine fire system have
How many total fire bottles does the APU fire system have
How many total fire bottles does each lav have
1 in each waste container
How many fire bottles does the cargo fire system have
Do both fire loops need to detect a hot spot to indicate a fire
Normal conditions yes, but if one is broke the single loop can detect by itself
What is the fire loops looking for
Either a low temp over a large area or a high temp in a small area
How do you know the bottle has been discharged
The pressure switch on the EICAS will appear indicating the bottle discharged
Where are the engine fire bottles located
Center E Bay
Without a cargo fire extingushing message how does the system work
1)FLT-Push button twice (arm&discharge) discharges the high rate-Low rate automatic after 1 min
2)Grnd-Push button twice (arm&discharge)- Must push button once for low Rate while it is armed for two minutes
How does the cargo fire ext button work if the light is illuminated
1)Flt-Push button once for high rate-Low rate automatic after 1 minute
2)Grnd-Push button once for high rate-Push button once for low rate
What typef smoke detectors are in the cargo bays
Photoelectric fan type
What happens if the APU emergency stop button is not pushed in with the detection of a fire
After 1 minute the APU fire button will illuminate