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Time of day observations
*Are the occpants dress as normally would be for the time of day?
*Is the fire indicator normal for the time of day?
What ways may arsonist try to slow fire fighter's response?
Locked gates,fallen trees, stalled vehicles on access route, false alarms some distance from the fire, diversionary fires set in another location, obstructions to hydrant or sprinkler connections, etc.
Why is it strange to see people fleeing from a fire scene?
People are generally drawn to a fire. An innocent person would most likely not rapidly leave the scene.
Windows broken prior to at ignition of the fire...
clean, broken glass on the exterior may indicate it was broke before the fire unless it is some distance away as that could indicate an explosion.
Unusual location for fire origins...
closet, crawl space, under furniture, and other areas where there is no apparent accidental causes.
Fire trailers used to
spread fire from one location to another.
Observing spectators at fire scenes
Beaware that some people showing up at fire scene may try to hamper fire fighters operations, or may be a disturbe individual who started the fire and now wants to "help" fight the fire.
Observe actions from owner
Inappropriate actions such as lack of concern,anger with fire fighters, dress inappropriate for time of day, may urge fire fighters to stop fighting fire, etc.
Observe for injuries to owners or spectators
This individual or group may have been injured in a flash fire from volatile liquid vapor ignition. Many times the burns will include the feet, hands, and/or burned clothing.
When should fire fighters attempt to interrogate a suspect?
The scene must be secured by firefighters until...
investigators has arrived and the scene investigation has been complete.
If a break in scene contol occurs, how may fire fighter get control back?
Consent from owner, or search warrant.
It should be exlpain that a fire scene cannot be entered because...
It is unsafe and fire fighters have not finish their work. The other reason for not allowing entry (does not need to be verbilized) is that they could detroy or contaminate the evidence of the fire cause.
When evidence is found...
Leave it in placewhen possible, notify officer in charge of discovery of possible evidence, cover with box or salvage cover.
When evidence must be moved...
Evidence should only be moved when it may be destroyed if left in original place.
Log chain of custody of evidence, and keep it to a bare minimum of fire fighters. When possible before movement photo, sketch, or log its original location. Maintain a signed log of anyone who comes in contact with evidence.
*Evidence must never be left unattended.
Point of origin
The location where fire started.
May be an exact location, such as an electrical cord.
May be a general area, such as flammable liquid pour.
Examination of the fire scene should be...
backwards, beginning on the exterior of the structure working your way in from the least damage areas to the most damage areas. Follow fire trail backwards.
"V" patterns and the point of origin
The upward and outward growth of a fire typically burns a shape of a "V" Falldown burning may cause secondary "V" patterns, remember to compare the amount of damage.
Light bulbs and the point of origin
Light bulbs will swell and disort when exposed to heat and point towards the point of origin.
____________ fire cause must be eliminated before __________ causes can be established.
*Accidental fire causes must be eliminated before *incediary causes can be established.
fires cause intentionally or allowed to start intentionally.
the crime of intensionally damaging a structure by setting a fire or causing an explosion.
List three indicators of incediary fire
1) Multiple fires

2) Trailers

3) Use of ignitable liquids