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The learning orientation for adults is?
Problem Centered
All of the following are learning domains except?
1) Cognitive
2) Psychomotor
3) Motivation
4) Sequential or Linear
4) Sequential or Linear
What are the three domains of learning?
Cognitive (Knowledge)
Psycomotor (Skills)
Affective (Attitude)
A person with an abstract or symbolic thought processing style would most likely present an idea using what?
Spoken Words
The learning domain that uses hands on training to influence learning is?
Are the learning domains interrelated?
Yes,learning domains are interrelated.
The best timeframe to deal with a talkative or agressive learner is?
When learners reach a point where their learning has leveled off, they have reached?
A learning Plateau
In which way could the instructors field of experience affect the class?
The instructor
If a learner wants to discover why they are learning the class material, they are most likely?
From the learners prespective the most boring type of instruction method is?
Straight lecture
The most widely used method of instruction for transfering knowledge is?
The discussion method where learners learn from mistakes made durring a real situation response is?
The form of discussion in which learners act out parts in a scenario is called?
Roll playing
The method of instruction that works best for delivering skills based intruction is
Skills based instruction is taught via?
If you buy a generic training tape over the internet you would be buying what type of product?
The most Coeffective type of projector for displaying images that reside on a computer is a ?
LCD Projector
What device has to be cabled to another in order for it to be useful in class?
The type of device not typically displayed on T.V as a firefighting training tolls are?
Broadcast channels
The type of media that cannot be useful to display videotape is the
The device that does not convert images into electronic files is?
LCD projection
ON a budget what type of Audio/Visual is not worth buying?
Motion Picture Projector
When looking at an anatomical model you might see?
The human vascular system
The best reason to have audio casstes at a table top demonstration is?
To play background noises
Handouts should be given out?
Just before they are needed
A commonly used term for duplicated material is?
Type of nonprojected media that would work best for showing how a valve works?
Type of simulator that most realistically shows in real time how a persons body would react to stimuli?
A phsycological manikin
Best simulator to demonstrate a vehicles air braking system?
Display Board
The best way to simulate an electrical circut is by using?
A display board
The best candidate to use to train using a mechanical simulator is?
All of the following are excellent reasons why learning objectives are necessary except?
guide the person conducting task analysis
What part of the learning objective specifies the standards for achievment?
learners should first hear
the learning objectives
all of the following are components of a well written learning objective except
Objectives should be written?
after the needs of the assessment
The leasson plan in most instructor guides will contain?
The section of the learners guide where the learner puts homework?
additional handout section
a videotape is an example of?
an instructional aid
An overhead projector is an example of?
The time to make multiple copies of course materials
You should always check to make sure facilities are available unless?
a resource that normally will not affect planned changes is?
Course catalog
when reviewing course material with an eye towards improving the course look at all except?
When changes are planned for a course, policies and procedures need to be checked
To determine how to obtain resources
which instructional items should probably contain the most detail?
lesson plan outline
Most imprtant reason an instructor should check lesson plan reference is to
see if the references and info has changed
if the lesson plan outline has more detail than a transparency you should
the first place to check to see what course materials exist is
current lesson plan
the level of instruction describes
difficulty of course content
all of the following should appear on the front page of the lesson plan except
content outline
the principle reason to include as much detail as possible in the lesson plan is
so that new instructors can quickly be ready to teach
the seating arrangement that allows learners to face eachother is
the hollow square
the seating arrangement that would permit the largest number of students is
the chevron
after seating arrangement the instructor should check
sight lines
learners should first find out sbout or practice activities
When a learner is physically and mentally able to learn new knowledge he meets the law of
vivid simulation
after al esson plan is approved the instructor still can determine
learners remember the first in a series of steps of the list because of the law of
one way to be a creative instructor in the classroom is to?
a question first asked to the entire class by the instructor is?
the type of question least likely to start a discussion?
the type of question that doesnt really require a response
objectives are presented at the end of class so learners
The most important reason an instructor should look at the variables that affect training is to make sure they dont
affect the continuity of instruction
a final exam is a type of
on a test a test question that doesnt have a
least likely to guess the answer on what kind of test?
not to be used as a sole method of evaluating
oral test
true or fals questions
easy guess
competency testing
pass or fail
valid test
composite scoring