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______ ______refers to fir service instructor.
NFPA 1041
As teachers, fire service instructors have the opportunity to positively influence _______.
______ is often thought of as putting yourself in another person's shoes.
______ creats intrest and releases tension in the classroom, but should only be used occasionally and alwasy in good taste.
The ________ _ __________ is the channel by which the message is deleivered between the sender and receiver.
medium of communication
An instructors voice should be _____, _______, and not __________.
clear, distinct, and not monotonous
_________ is an active process, and the individual who is not speaking should be ________ involved in listening.
communication, actively
When a question is asked that cannot be answered don't _____ just promise to find the answer and do so.
If items are particualr important , the instructor may want to ______ ______ espcially when students are taking ______, ______ the point to ass emphasis.
slow down, notes, restate
____ ________ reinforces the feeling that the instructor is interested in the students.
eye contact
The instructor must stress ______ from the beginning and make sure it is the highest priority.
Investigation's must be started toward ____ finding and not _____ finding.
fact, fault
_____ include investigating research, and evaluating safety and health hazards in the workplace.
____ include setting and enforcing workplace safety and health hazards.
____ ____ is the standard on building fire service training centers.
NFPA 1402
____ ____ standard on live fire training enolution's in structures.
NFPA 1403
A ____ is a civil wrong or injury. The main purpose of a ____ action is to seek payment for damage to property.
__________ may be defined as the failure to act in a reasonable and prudent manner.
One of the strongest types of evidence is the ______ own __________ and ________.
agency's, guidlines, and policies
Affirmative action employment programs are designed to make special effort to ______, ____, and ________ special populations where the current labor force in a jurisdiction or labor market is not representative of the overall population.
identify, hire, promote
The purpose of ____________ ______ is to correct past inequities to special populations.
affirmative action
_____ ________ is one method of ensuring employees are fit for duty but it must be done with considerations regarding legal factors.
drug testing
photocopying workbook's and duplicating video productions without permission of the copyright owner are ___ ___________.
law violations
Trying to satisy these needs creates motivation ______ hierarchy of needs.
A person who has experience or knowledge in a particular area will be more receptive to ___ ___________ related to the that area than will a student who has no such experience.
new information