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What airplane systems have fire detection/protection
Cargo Compartments
Are the cockpit and cabin protected from fire
Cockpit-1 hand held fire EXT
Cabin-4 hand held fire EXT (2 fwd/2 aft)
How are the engines and APU protected from fire
Engines-2 halon fire bottles
APU-1 halon fire bottle
Can both engine fire bottles be used for one engine
What is the power source for engine and APU fire detection/protection
Engine detection=DC ESS BUS 1 & 2
Engine Protection=HOT BAT BUS

APU detection=DC ESS BUSS 1 & 2
APU Protection=DC ESS BUS 2
Describe the engine and APU fire detection system (loops)
Engine-8 pneumatic fire detectors with 2 loops per engine

APU-2 pneumatic fire detectors with 2 loops
Describe the fire test
Press and hold the test button of the fire panel for at least 3 seconds but no more than 10 seconds
if the APU is running or it will shutdown

Observe the following:
6 lights
Fire handle 1 and 2
Cargo smoke (FWD) ext button, Cargo smoke (AFT) ext button
APU ext button
APU emerg. stop (top half)

5 CAS Warnings
Eng 1 fire
Eng 2 fire
Cargo FWD smoke
Cargo AFT smoke
APU Fire

4 Warnings
FIRE on ITT gauge
FIRE on ITT gauge
Master warning light (left)
Master warning light (right)
What happens when an engine fire handle is pulled
Engine Bleed SOV closes
Engine Hydraulic SOV closes
Engine Fuel SOV closes
What is an indication of an APU fire
Fire bell
Red stripe in APU EMER STOP
APU FIRE displayed on EICAS
Will the APU shutdown if a fire is detected
Ground only
What happens if the APU EMER STOP is pushed after a fire is detected
APU shuts off without the 1 minute cool down

APU fuel SOV closes

APU FIRE EXT Button illuminates
When will the APU FIRE EXT button illuminate
-APU EMER STOP button pressed
-One minute after the alarm if no action has been taken
Will the APU fire extinguisher automatically discharge
How many smoke detectors are installed in the cargo compartments
What happens to the FWD cargo compartment if smoke is detected
Recirculation fan shuts off
Out flow valve closes
Why does the outflow valve close when smoke is detected in the fwd cargo compartment
Prevent O2 from entering
Prevent halon from escaping
How many extinguishing bottles are installed for the cargo compartments
2 total, 1 high rate and 1 low rate bottle
What is the difference between the high rate and low rate bottle
High rate saturates the compartment immediately

Low rate saturates the compartment over time
How long will the low rate bottle remain active
60 minutes
Can one bottle be used for one compartment and the other bottle for the other compartment
What happens when a CARGO FIRE EXT button is pressed
High rate bottle discharge immediately

Low rate discharges automatically after 1 minute if the aircraft is in flight
Will the low rate bottle discharge automatically on the ground
During flight can the low rate bottle be discharged prior to one minute
Yes, push the button
How can the low rate bottle be discharged on the ground
Push the extinguisher button
Can the cargo extinguisher be used if no smoke is detected
Yes, the high rate bottle must be pushed twice. Once to arm it and once to discharge the bottle.

The low rate must be pushed twice. Once to arm it and once to discharge it.
How long does the low rate bottle take to discharge in flight
Discharges automatically after 1 minute
How are the lavatories protected from fire
There are heat sensitive extinguishers in the waste bins that discharge automatically once a predetermined temperature is reached
What would happen on the ground if an APU fire was detected and no action was taken
After 10 seconds the APU would shutdown, a red light bar would illuminate on the APU EMER STOP button, and if no action was taken the red bar would go out after one minute and APU FIRE EXT button would turn red
Explain how the FWD and AFT CARGO FIRE DETECTION system works to alert the crew
The FWD section contains 3 detectors. Before the crew is alerted the system runs a 45 second test on the detectors and shutsdown the recirc fan. Two detectors out of the 3 must detect a fire for the crew to be alerted. If not the crew will get a fault message rather than a FWD cargo fire message. The AFT section must have both detectors detect a fire for the crew to be alerted.
During an engine fire how many loops must detect a fire before the crew is alerted
2 loops, but if one is inop only one is needed to alert the crew
When the FA does the LAV fire test what happens after the switch is released
The test is held for 7 seconds
What category fire detection system does the 170 have
Category C
Where are the engine fire bottles located
Cente E Bay
What are the three ways to shutdown the APU
OFF Button
Which MAU monitors the FWD cargo compartment for fire
What MAU monitors the AFT cargo compartment for fire
What signals the crew that there is a fire in the lavatory
If detector goes off the crew will get an EICAS for lave smoke, but there is no message to the crew if the bottle discharges
What message on the EICAS would be received if the High rate bottle for the cargo fire ext. system discharged
How many smoke detectors in the FWD CARGO Bay
How many smoke detectors in the AFT CARGO Bay
In flight the low rate bottle for a cargo fire will automatically discharge after how long
1 minute
On the ground to discharge the low rate bottle the appropriate cargo ext. button must be pressed. What happens if it is not pressed
If not pressed within 2 minutes after it armed the system will reset. When the fire test button is pressed the system will reset.