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What is the acceptable length of hair for males?
Shall not extend beyond the top of the shirt collar or below the middle of the earlobe.
Dir 21
What is the acceptable length of hair for females?
The hair will not extend more than 7" below the colar/shirt body seam.
Dir 21
What are the perameters for mustaches?
No portion shall exceed 1" below a line parallel with the corner of the mouth. Handlebar mustaches will not exceed 2" beyond the corner of the mouth and will not exceed the height of the cheek bone.
Dir 21
Dir#8- True or False: A form P-30 must be submitted annually or whenever necessary for outside employment?
False, it's a P-3.
Dir#8- What does section 310-310.2 of the Personnel Rules and Regulations say about outside employment?
Outside employment may be authorized for one year and must be approved on a year-to-year basis.
Employees approved for outside employment, may not work more than 60hrs/wk combined.
Dir#9- Can other city employees park at the fire station?
Any person other than Fire Department personnel who wishes to park on Fire Department property must first obtain permission from the Station Commander.
Dir#10- Describe the policy on employment of relatives.
City employees may not directly supervise, control or influence the work or employment status of a relative or the affairs of the organizational unit in which the relative is employed.
Dir#11- What are the considerations for anthrax exposures?
-Anthrax spores are usually only harmful if inhaled, ingested, or when introduced into an open wound or eyes.
-Anthrax will likely be visable as light beige to ash color, which tends to cling to the sides of the container.
-Persons exposed to anthrax are not contagious, and do not require quarantine.
Dir#11- What are the symptoms of anthrax exposure?
Incubation period is 1-6 days. Symptoms include fever, malaise, caugh with chest discomfort, fatigue, followed by severe resp distress with dyspnea, sweating and cyanosis.
Dir#11- What is the treatment for anthrax exposure?
-Vaccine is available, requires series of six injections over a period of 18months with annual boosters.
-High dose antibiotics available after exposure, most useful in early stage of disease.
Dir#11- What is the minimum criteria for credible threat by mail?
-A letter or package with material present (opened/unopened); powder spilling, substance leaking or staining.
-A letter or package with an articulated threat (opened/unopened); substance need not be present.
Dir#11- What to do if the letter or package meets the minimum criteria for a credible threat.
-If you suspect and expolsive device, leave the room and close the door, call 911.
-Do not shake or empty the contents of any suspicious envelope or package.
-Place the envelope or package in a plastic bag or some other type of container to prevent leakage.
-If no container is available, cover the package with anything and do not remove the cover.
-Leave the room and close the door.
-Wash your hands
-Report the incident to the local police.
Dir#20- When should the assigned driver check each portable radio on the truck?
At the beginning of each day shift.
Dir#20- Who is responsible for all radios assigned to the apparatus?
The company officer.
Dir#20- How are portible radios accounted for?
All portible radios will be accounted for on the portible radio log.
Who is authorized to request emergency repairs?
Only Commanders and Chief Officers are authorized to contact the on call maintenance coordinator via telephone to request emergency repairs.
Dir 24
When will candidates deployed on military duty be scheduled to take the test?
90 days after return to AFD duty, the deployed candidate will be scheduled to take the written exam.
Dir 25
When should RMS reports be completed?
All incident reports will be completed by the end of the 48hr cycle without exception.
Dir 27
How is the exchange of duty completed?
All members will pass their company identifier (rocker) to their relief at the shift exchange to complete the exchange of duty.
Dir 29