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Define Central station alarm system
is an alarm company that sells alarm systems and service to individual customers and properties, and connects to protected properties by dedicated phone lines or radio transmitters.
Define Local alarm systems
initiates alarm only within premise, not off the premises.
Define Remote station systems
alarm system connected straight to public dispatch or other appropriate answering service.
Define Proprietary
A central alarm system that transmits to their own security staff, where they can call the fire department or the fire department is automatically notified. Used in many large commercial and industrial buildings.
Identify accepted radio procedures
a. Use plain English, no codes.
b. Avoid unnecessary transmissions, including leaving it on the seat.
c. Identify who you are talk to and who your unit.
d. REMEMBER units working at the emergency have priority.
e. Give priority to emergency traffic, for calling emergencies at the scene.
f. Use proper language.
g. Speak clearly, calmly, and as normal as possible, with a slightly louder voice.
h. Do not touch the antenna when transmitting.
i. 1 to 2 inches away from mouth at a 45 degree angle.