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Natural, physical or mental ability that permits you to do certain tasks well
people who can provide you with job openings like relatives or people you have worked for.
knowledge, skills and practice gained for direct participation in a job.
a desired towards which ends are directed.
who and what you are
the things you like to do and reasons why you like doing them.
the way people chose to live their lives based on values they have chosen or rejected.
locked in
the state of feeling trapped in a job.
personal qualities and traits that make each person unique.
work history
a record of all jobs held and the length of time spent with each employer.
the things in life that are important to you.
the content part of a letter containing attention, interest and desires and action.
complementary close
the appropriate phrase that courteously ends a business letter.
employment applicatiom
a preprinted form which you fill out when applying for employment.
follow up
a final contact, usually a thank you letter made after a job interview and before the interviewer makes a decision.
Job interview
a procedure in which you are asked questions about yourself, your experience and your education to which you respond verbally.
letter address
the part of a letter that shows the name and address of the person or company to whom you are writing.
letter of application
a letter writen to a potential employer asking for a job interview.
letter of reference
a statement in the form of a letter written by someone who can be relied upon to give a sincere report on your character, abilities and experience.
people over 18 not related to you who have known you for atleast one year and can report on your character and archievements.
A summary of personal information education, experience, additional qualificatiosn and references of person seeking seeking a job.
return address
the part of a letter that shows the writer's address and date.
the letter greeting using a person's name sometimes followed by a colon.
a follow up tool used to remind the employer of your interest in the job, written after a job interview.
blank endorsement
The signature of the payee written on the back of the check exactly as it appears on the front of a check.
canceled checks
Checks the bank has processed
cashiers check
a check written by a bank on it own refund
certified check
A personal chek that the bank guarantees to be good.
checkbook register
A record of deposits to and withdrawals from a checking account
checking account
a banking service wherein money is deposited into an account and checks are written to withdraw money as needed
demand deposit
An account that lets you demand portions of your deposited funds at will.
checks used to withdraw money from an account. see also share draft account.
floating a check
the pratice of writing a check on insufficient funds and hoping to make a deposit to cover the check before it is cashed.
a check written without sufficient money in an account to cover it.
the monthly process of matching the bank's record with the checking account balance.
restrictive endorsement
an endorsement that restricts or limits the use of a check.
special endorsement
(endorsement in full)
An endorsement that instructs the bank to pay the amount of a check to a third party.
stop payment order
a request that the bank not cash or process a specific check.
bear market
A market characterized by falling prices of 15% or more with bleak outlook.
blue chip stock
stocks in the biggest, most established and consistently profitable companies in the united states.
bull market
A rising stock market which is characterized by optimism.
common stock
A class of stock whereby the person who owns the stock shares directly in the success or failure of the comapany.
A distribution of money or stock that a corporation pays to stockholders.
earnings per share
A corporation's after tax earnings divided by the number of shares of common stock outstanding.
stockbrokers who are member os a stock exchange and may do business at the exchange ( buy or sell).
growth stocks
stocks issued by a corporation that will provide future returns rather than income in the short terms (income stocks).
income stocks
Stocks that have a consistent history of paying high dividends
market value
The highest value a property could bring in a competitive and open market.
over the counter market
a dealer market
par value
stated value. the basic value price for which stock was originally issued.
penny stock
a stock that sells for less than $5 a share
preferred stock
The type of corporate stock in which dividends are fixed regardless of the earnings of a company.
voting rights as a stockholder that are assigned to another person.
securities exchange.
A marketplace where brokers who are representing investors meet to buy and sell securities.