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All commands have a Family
Advocacy Program (FAP) to
help families undergoing
is the pay you receive based upon your paygrade and your length of service
Basic pay
is pay you receive for certain types of
duty. These types of duty are usually considered
Incentive pay
is pay for special circumstances, such
as reenlistment or a particular type of duty.
Special pay
is money used to reimburse you (pay you back) for expenses necessary for you to perform
your job.
is a computerized pay and leave accounting system
located at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Cleveland, Ohio.
Navy’s Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS)
How often do you receive your clothing maintenance allowance?
You receive your clothing maintenance allowance once a year.
The first thing to do when making out a budget is
start a savings plan—pay yourself first!
The maximum amount of coverage under SGLI
Normally, you are covered for a maximum of?
120 days after separation from the service.
Family Advocacy Program was established
help service members or their families when they are a victim of spousal or child
Stress occurs when
there’s an imbalance between the demands of our lives and
resources we have to deal with those demands
The first step to take when dealing with stress is
identify your stressors; that is, find out what causes the stress.