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what is the positivistic stance?
The theory is that if everyone is doing one thing and another person is doing the opposite than that person is acting in a deviant matter
what are positivistic sub categories?
1. Absolutism
2. Objectivism
3. Determinism
What is absolutism?
that there is a obvious act, belief or condition that makes it different from the norm in people's eyes
what is objectivism?
deviance is observable object that can be measured through the use of statistics, surveys, and clinical reports
what is determinism?
deviance is determined or caused by forced by anyone's control
What are the three theories of positivistic?
1. anomie strain theory
2. social learning theory
3. social control theory
what is the anomie strain theory?
is the view that society aided its members in becoming deviant. there is a gap between what is deviant in the institutional means and what is deviant in the culturlly goals. so what could be deviant in the law to say may not be deviant in a certain culture
What is social learning theory?
enviornmental factors create deviant behavoirs. theory states thnat many individuals are socialized to conform and others are sociallized to partake in deviant activity. there are three main versions of Learning theory.
what is social control theory?
idea that people are naturally inclined to be deviant. therefore a lack of control will lead to individuals to partake in deviant activity.
What are the main 3 versions of Learning Theory?
1. Differential association leads to criminal behavoir
2. differential association behavoir leads to differential identification leads to criminal behavoir
3. differential association leads to differential reinforcement leads to criminal behavoir