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On an album project, who signs the artist and finances the project, video production, promotion, and marketing?
Record Label
Directing the artist, input in the creation of the music, perspective, and the ability to view a project from all angles are why this individual is in on production.
This individual is the coordinator of a recording project at the corporate level, often not involved in the actual recording project.
Executive Producer
Who is responsible for finding the talent and for overseeing all aspects of the production of the album?
A&R rep
On an album project, which individual would select the producer for the project?
A&R Rep
The engineer's creative and sonic abilities bring them to the project. Other personal qualities that would add to the engineer's success would be:
Ability to communicate; ability work as part of a team while maintaining; and ability to handle stress
Which individual determines the print-down media and copies distributed?
Authorizing agent
The _________ carries the financial abilities for all session costs and expenses incurred with a demo project.
Artist Manager
All album-project costs paid back to the record label by the artist are commonly known as:
Recoupable expenses
Hip-hop and R&B projects often have secondary producers, commonly known as:
Recording royalties, talent scouting, label deal royalties, pressing, and distribution deals are some potential income souces for the:
A _______ is conducted when the label needs further evidence of the artist's level of talent.
Demo Project
Securing maximum tour lineup, supervising press releases and interviews, selecting material, and developing the sound are a few of the roles the ________ _____ in the production team.
Artist Manager
Which session is for locating points for sound effects?
Which session is the final step in post production and includes fixing any audio problems and creating the final mix for the program?
What is an ISDN session typically used for in post production?
Recording voiceover from other locations
What are considered the individual components of a complete production supplied by the client?
Which of the following is an entry-level position in a post house?
What is required to join the motion picture editor's guild union?
roster letter
What is the name of a session in which certain kind of production music is needed?
Music Search
The process of locking up selected video takes with corresponding audio takes is known as ________.
Syncing Dailies
What does the union provide its members?
Health Benefits
Videotapes containing material/elements that will create the finished piece are ___________.
Source Tapes
__________ refers to music in a film, but also refers to all the sound elements in a film, video, or television production.
In post production, _________ is the title information shown before a program.
Video Slate
The original music composition for a motion picture or television production, recorded after the picture has been edited, is ________.
Narration or non-synchronized dialogue heard over the action on the screen, video, radio, or tv id ________.
Sound effects created by the use of props and recorded in real-time as artists watch the program or film are known as ___________.