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what are the steps in the scientific method?
question observation hypothesis prediction tests
what are the three domains? what is each domain composed of and what are the differences between the two?
bacteria archaea and eukarya. bacteria and archaea are composed of prokaryotes, eukarya are composed of eukaryotes. prokaryotes do not have a nucleus, eukaryotes do
what are the 4 kingdoms?
protists, fungi, plantae, animalia
what are the subunits of macromolecules? what units serve as building blocks?
polymers and monomers. Monomers serve as building blocks
what are the prokaryote cell parts?
dna, ribosome, cell wall, plasma membrance, capsule, pilli, flagella
what are the stages of mitosis?
prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis
what are sources of genetic variation?
mutations, sexual recombination, random fertilization, meiosis
what are the 3 parts of a virus?
dna or rna, capsid, envelope
what are the 3 ways bacteria transfer dna?
plasmids, enzymes and dna ligation, cloning
how is genetic engineering done?
by introducin or eliminating specific genes through modern biology techniques(selective breeding)
what are sticky ends?
sites where unpaired bases can hydrogen bond to complimentary bases
sucessful cloning of multicellular organisms depends on what?
the control of gene expression
electrophoresis seperates what?
macromolecules, proteins and dna (nucleic acids)
what does hardy weinberg equilibrium mean? what are the 5 conditions that show equilibrium?
means that no evolution is ocurring in a population. 5 conditions-population is very large, it is isolated, no mutations, mating is random, no natural selection