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When giving a subcutaneous injection how would you know how far to put in the needle?
Amt of subcutaneous tissue
A young girl came into the hospital because she had fainted at work, but previously had the flu and vomiting what vital sign would you check?
blood pressure sitting and standing; you would suspect her to be dehydrated.
When giving topical cream to infants what does the nurse need to know?
Could cause systemic reaction to infant
Teaching a person the measurements on a syringe before showing steps of insulin administration is part of what teaching learning step?
Simple to complex
Raising your head before sitting is in what stage?
If ammonia levels are increased what might this indicate?
Liver failure
To rule out pancreatitis what lab might be drawn?
For an overall indicator of kidney function what lab would be drawn?
Know how(where) to give eye med to infant
In conjunctival sac as you pull down.
Which site is preferred in infants?
vastus lateralis
What angle is taken with an intradermal injection?
10 degrees
Where do you deposit an oral med in an infant?
side of the cheek
The nurse’s first priority at post op phase?
Patent airway
IPV is given?
How do you know that antibiotics for pneumonia are working?
Less secretions, clearer breathing
Varicella/chicken pox is caused by?
Herpes zoster virus
Greatest risk for respiratory distress from opioids?
Child with cystic fibrosis
3yr old child uses what pain scale?
Which is not on airborne precautions?
Acetaminophen overdose needs to be treated immediately because what can happen?
Maternal transfer of antibodies is an example of:
Natural Acquired Passive Immunity
Enlarge, stimulate, swallow, rest
If patient states there is pain at his IV site and there is no blood upon aspiration of saliene lock what do you do?
push saline anyway
When treating scabies you must?
Treat everyone that has come in contact within 72 hours
When treating head lice?
Everyone is treated at the same time
All of the following are signs of dehydration except?
Inc capillary refill time
Down’s syndrome diet?
Carbs and proteins
Prevents RSV infection
What is a seizure called that lasts more than 30 min?
status epilepticus
A mother has a child with cerebral palsy and asks if there are any other treatments available, which is most accurate
Baclofen pump intrathecally
What might be the cause of acute diarrhea?
1st symptom of Acute glaucoma?
Loss of peripheral vision
If you only heard an infants bowel sounds every 10-30 seconds what would this indicate?
normal findings
IgG does what?
Protects the baby
Upon assessment of the oral cavity you find this stuff that looks like curdled milk, what might this be?
At 4 mths what vaccines should you give?
DTaP, IPV, PCV, Hep B, Hib
When can a child go back to school if they have Chicken pox?
When pustules crust over
Koplick Spots are seen in:
Don’t take a pt with what if you are pregnant?
Mild s/s of saclicylate toxicity, which sensory area would you check?
A penrose dressing is found with serous fluid, as a nurse what would you do?
This is a normal finding, reinforce dressing.
Prior to changing a dressing, which nursing intervention would you carry out?
Administer pain meds before performing
If you are allergic to penicillin what drug should you also not take?
Labs to take during antibiotics?
BUN and Creatinine
Which is included in nursing documentation after administering a vaccine?
Lot # and exp date
After surgery, what position should you put someone in to prevent aspiration?
Turn pt’s head.
Which would intervene with healing of a wound?
Which would require further teaching in a pt taking asprin?
I must avoid pretzels and chips
What is the role of the nurse in an informed consent?
Which doctor’s order would you question on a pt who’s had a colon resection?
Turn, cough, and deep breathe
Antagonist of Tylenol is?
Which of the following is correct when giving an infant cpr?
Place 2 fingerbreadths above nipple line
Which of the following would not be given if the doc ordered an antidiarrheal?
Which is the first indicator of respiratory distress?
Your neighbor tells you she gave her daughter Ipecac 10min ago what would you tell her?
Wait 10-20min and give it again
What is the rationale for using an accucheck rather than a urine test?
it's more accurate
If your pt complains of a H/A and shakiness what do you do first?
Get an accucheck
What might result in poisoning of acetaminophen?
Metabolic acidosis and resp alkalosis
How would a nurse assess for bleeding in a post op tonsillectomy?
Increased swallowing
If a pt had an exacerbation of UC, what might need to be done first?
Manage diarrhea
Question had to do with CBI?
Check patency of drainage system
Crohn’s disease is at risk for which f/e imbalance?
Less elastic and doesn’t respond to accomodation
Umbilical hernia?
Deficit usually resolves spontaneously
Ventral side of penis
Which statement would indicate further teaching in a pt post colonoscopy?
I will be able to pick up kids in 2hrs after.
What would you say in the discharge teaching of a pt on antihypertensive?
Eat bananas and tomatoes
Tylenol poisoning is associated with:
Liver dysfunction
How would you clean a suture line of post op pt?
½ NS and ½ peroxide
What would you tell a pt with Berger’s syndrome?
Cessation of smoking
Which pt is less likely to be on TPN?
A 48yr old man post op
In a pt on insulin, which would suggest further teaching?
I will increase the potency of my insulin as I rotate sites
If on steroids what would you look for?
If pt complains of right lower extremity pain what do you tell pt?
Remain in bed
If the nurse has realized she has given too much Heparin what should she do?
a. assess for side effects
Why might caffeine be ordered for an infant?
stimulate respirations
What may cause Ulcers?
Know when pt should take antacids?
1hr before, 3hrs after meals, and at nighttime
To prevent complications of dumping syndrome what does nurse say?
Discourage fluids w/ meals
If child has a lactose intolerance and FTT?
Enfamil formula fortified with iron
Why might a doc order polycose for an infant with FTT?
Polycose helps increase caloric intake
What do you not do for a DVT?
Massage leg
A nurse working a 12 hr shift is at risk for?
70/30 means?
70 units of NPH and 30units of Regular
Why do we use a humidifier?
Liquefy secretions
If pt is to receive an oral diabetic agent at 7:30 and is NPO for a surgery at 8, what do you do?
Administer a supplemental dose of insulin R.
Which oral diabetic agent would you not give to a pt who is going to have a heart test or contrast?
If a pt just came out of surgery 4hrs ago and asks for pain meds what do you do?
Give analgesics now.
Which would not be a finding in a pt with Malignant hyperthermia?
Flaccid muscles
When a pt experiences chronic pain you?
ATC (around the clock)
How do you treat a child with impetigo?
Clean crusts off every day
Obese people are post operatively at risk for what?
Atelectasis and pneumonia
If a pt is going to start an exercise regimen and is Type 1 diabetic which is correct?
Insulin administration needs to be decreased
In GERD, what would you tell them?
Don’t eat foods that cause discomfort
If a pt has a bp of 170/90 during his Physical Exam, and starts an exercise regimen. And comes back for a follow up 2wks later and b/p is 150/84. What do you tell him?
To continue with his regimen.
Which test is for Heparin?
If pt just had a femoral popiteal bypass, post operatively which of the following would be of concern?
No pedal pulses
What do you do for a post op infant that just had cleft lip fixed?
Check to see if bow or suture line is present
If pt is coughing while you are suctioning, what do you do?
Discontinue suctioning during cough.
Your pt is doubled over in pain and has peptic ulcer what would you do?
Take a set of vitals
What would concern a nurse in a pt after ear surgery?
stiff neck
Side effects with dilantin?
hyperplasia of the gums
A pt has a kidney stone, what do you do first?
relieve pain
If pt has a congenital diaphramtic hernia what do you do?
Lie on affected side
If pt has a urinary diversion device, what might need to be taught?
methods to acidify urine
If pt is on sulfasalazine, which statement made by them is accurate?
expect to see a decrease in number of BM’s I have a day.
What would determine where a stoma is placed?
Findings from the assessment of abdomen
How do you remove a pea from the ear?
use forceps
Which of the following would be unsafe in a pt that just had ear surgery?
Turn cough and deep breathe
What would you want to include in the teaching of a parent with a child who has cerebral palsy?
Stabilize jaw
Which one of the following are not associated in discharge of a pt with Down’s syndrome?
Wheelchair safety
You suspect child abuse, how would you assess child?
Provide playful situations
Which is the only insulin that can be given IV?
What would a persons K level be like after being on a colonoscopy prep?
What is the internal indicator of growth and development?
Where would you have most control of bowel function?
A pt had a TURP due to BPH and shortly after surgery which of the following findings would concern the nurse?
A BP of 110/50 and tachycardic.
Which drug do you give first for seizures?
All are risk factors for seizures except?
Adolescent girl has recurrent UTI’s why might this be?
Length of urethra.
What assessment is crucial prior to an IVP?
assess for allergies