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ABC's of active living
a- individual
b- social
c- inclusive
should children focus on FIT?
no, nor on vigorous heart rate activity
what are the minimum and optimal minutes of physical activity per day?
minimum 30 minutes
optimal 60 minutes
why are hall of shame exercises not beneficial
does not promote goals
a. little skill devpt
b. no fun
c. negative social skills
d. questionable morality
e. little concept devpt
when should modifications for inclusive education be made
a. when necessary
b. to the extent necessary
c. without jeopardizing the integrity of the activity
what is the key word for children's activity involvement? what is the caution for high intensity activity?
-accumulation (of time and skill)
-high intensity causes burn out and bored is the result
is continuous heart rate level a good criterion for young children, why?
-no, b/c students get enough activity in their regular lives
the building blocks for adapting activities for student's with disabilities
A= attitude
what the child is able to do, try, and willing to learn
B= body of knowledge
learn of the disability and work with others (parents)
C= creativity
modify, simplify, extend
3 components of CALC
a. doing
=regular involvement
b. thinking and knowing
c. bonus credits
=family and friends involved
2 programs to help schools become active living schools
a. ever active schools program
b. canadian active living challenge (calc)
what is the result of successful adapted physical activity
a. provides opportunities for maximum participation (all children benefit from activity)
b. recognizes the strength of personal improvement
c. creates positive learning environment which encourages independence
successful inclusion
-all students
Shared responsibility
-teacher, admin, parents...
Instructional tools
-based on students ability
Supportive environment
-medical, school, district...
inclusive physical education definition
=the recognition and acceptance of diversity in the instruction and acquisition of fitness and motor skills toward the goal of active and personal responsibility for one's own physical well being
what can modifications be made in inclusive education
a. equipment
b. skill complexity
c. rules of the game
d. distance/space
Education (ever active)
=implement curriculum, instruction, and assesment that reflect the active living approach
ever active schools
4 E's
why is active and safe routes to school so important?
a. more physical activity, better health
b. enhanced safety
c. less traffic and greater sense of community
d. reduced auto emissions
Everyone (ever active)
=opportunities for everyone to take part in physical activity outside regular PE classes
Everywhere (ever activ)
=seek out, promote, and provide for active living opportunities everywhere in the community
Environment (ever active)
=provide a supportive school environment for active living initiatives