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When: Nestorian church missions
5th century
When: christian merchants traveling the silk road
7th century
When: Marco Polo reported finding Christians in Kubla Khan's court
13th century
Matteo Ricci and other Jesuits
Late 16th, early 17th century
Patrick: century, nationality, background
5th century, English or Scottish, Christian "Romanized" Briton captured by Irish raiders and heald as slave for six years before he escaped.
FROM Ireland to Scotland which had been only partially Christianized in 5th/6th cents. Built monestary in Iona which served as base for further outreach
to Northern England
to the continent.
Three main centers of Christianity in Africa Medieval period
Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia
Christianity survived, despite disadvantages, under Muslim rule.
(present day Sudan), Christianity reached its peak of greatness during this time, then declined and colapsed after 1500 after colapse of favorable government.
Christianity survived and became deeply rooted, reaching its height in the 15th century.
Gregory I (540-604): Pope from
Gregory the Great and missions...
Great missionary pope: extended the limits of the church by carefully planning missions strategies.
Gregory the Great Sent
St. Augustine of Canterburry to Briton.
Gregory the Great remembered as
Transmitter of the wisdom of the ancient world to the medieval world. Considered one of the four great doctors of the Catholic Church in moral theology.
John of Damascus dates
675 to 754
John of Damascus maybe most important of
Maybe most important of the Eastern Theologians
John of Damascus grew up
Grew up in Syria in a Christian family in Muslim controlled country
John of Damascus served in
Served in government but was bold enough to write a stron treatise against Islam.
What John of Damascus did when he retired from public life.
Retired from public life and entered monestary and wrote on theology
John of Damascus wrote important book:
Most important book: "The Orthodox Faith" - first and most important systematic theology of Orthodox church.
John of Damascus also wrote
Also wrote hymns: "The Day Of Ressurection" and "Come Ye Faithful."
Important date in conversion of Russia
Important name in the conversion of Russia
Prince Vladimir of Kiev
What happened in 988?
In Russia, Prince Vladimir of Kiev married Anna, the sister of the Byzantine emperor and proclaimed Christianity the official faith of the realm, ordering baptism for all his subjects.
Important date in conversion of Russia
Prince Vladimir of Kiev
Important name in the conversion of Russia
What were the crusades?
series of wars launched by the church from the 11th to the 13th centuries with the purpose of recovering the holy lands that had fallen under the control of the advancing Muslim armies.
Accomplishments of the crusades.
Some small Latin kingdoms set up after first crusade, but quickly lost. It seems that it could be argued that the growing disillusionment with absolute papal authority in light of the failed crusades was a positive accomplishment. Ultimately, there's not much in the crusades for the church to celebrate.
Major theological contributions of Anselm.
1. Book on evidences called "Proslogion" - you believe in order to know. Cosmological view: creation points to creator; Ontological approach: the argument that God, being that than which no greater can be conceived, must exist
2. Book 2 on Atonement called "Cur Deus Homo" - "Why the God Man?" - why God became man as necessary for our salvation. Man: obligation but no ability. God: ability but no obligation. In Christ the two combine.
Anslem lived
mid 11th - early 12th
Ontological View of God
the argument that God, being that than which no greater can be conceived, must exist, for if he did not then it would be possible to conceive of an existent God, which would be greater than that than which no greater can be conceived, which is absurd.
Cosmological View of God
The existence of the universe, the argument claims, stands in need of explanation, and the only adequate explanation of its existence is that it was created by God.
Cur Deus Homo - translates? Written by?
Why the God Man? Anselm
Who was Bernard of Clairvaux?
Cistercian monk with great influence. Seemed to have more influence than any king or pope of his time.
When did Bernard of Clairvaux live?
Died mid 12th
Why is Bernard of Clairvaux important?
Sometimes called "Last of the Church Fathers"
1. Reformer. Wrote "On Consideration" - a handbook for new pope ("Lordship is forbidden, ministry is bidden.")
2. Preacher - "Doctor Mellifluous"
3. Mystic "On Loving God"
4. Theologian "On Grace and Free Choice" - true Augustinian!
Sometimes called "Last of the Church Fathers"
Bernard of Clairvaux
Filoque Controversy
From Augustine on, Western Church used "and the son" in Nicene Creed. Eastern church objected to this "double procession" and felt creeds shouldn't be added to.
Filoque means
"and the son"
Photian schism
863-67 result of dispute between the Byzantine patriarch, Photius and Pope Nicholas I - both excommunicated each other.
East and West churches mutual anathematizing in year
Attack on Constantinople by Catholics in year
1204 - fourth crusade
Primacy Conflict
Councils of Constantinople (381) and Chalcedon (451) acknowledged that Constantinople possessed "equal rank" with Rome, but Roman Popes (esp. Leo the Great 440-461) claimed supremacy. RC church became increasingly monarchial while Eastern church became increasingly conciliar.
independent, as in the Eastern churches. Eastern "Patriarch is only an honorary title.