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The three sections that make up an audio console are:
Jackfield; Master; I/O Modules
**Two signal paths of an in-line console are:
Monitor & Channel
During recording which path feeds the MTR?
The (blank) (blank) is a set of connectors that allow direct access to all inputs and outputs of audio equipment in the studio.
Jack field
Global controls for console functions are int this section:
This receives balanced signal from an input source and "unbalances" it.
Balancing Circuits
This is voltage sent from the console to power condenser microphones.
Phantom Power- 48 VDC
What is the circuit that boosts mic-level signal to line level.
This mixed attenuator is used to lower the level of incoming signal.
The control that sets the output level of the preamp is:
Mic trim
Choosing between the two inputs to the Channel Path is done via the:
Mic Line Switch
A ciruit that removes low frequences from a signal:
High Pass Filter
A circuit that removes low frequencies from a signal:
Low Pass Frequencies
The term for a network of amplifiers used to boost or cut certain frequency ranges: