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The last major global outbreak of influenza, know as a ____, took place in ___.
pandemic, 1918
The world's lowest life expectancy is found in the nation of ____ with a life expectancy of ___.
Zambia, 37
During energy metabolism in the presence of ____, highly reactive molecules known as ____ are produced.
oxygen, free radicals
In a eusocial society, the workers are ____ females and ____ to each other.
sterile, sisters
In an ecosystem, organisms exist in a stage of ____ with a balance flow of ____.
equilibrium, energy
Plants are considered to be the ___ in an ecosytem, b/c they convert solar energy into chemical energy in a biochemical process known as ___.
producers, photosynthesis
It is the role of the ___ to capture ___ for their survival by degrading biological waste and dead organisms.
decomposers, energy
Coral reef is only found in clear tropical sea, b/c of their ___ relationship with ___.
symbiotic, algae
Corals secret a hard ___ that is composed of ___.
skeleton, calcium carbonate.
Corals ___ at night using their ___ in their tentacles.
filter-feed, stinging cells
Porrot fish graze on ___ by biting of ___ with their powerful jaws.
algae, corals
In the Australian Great Barrier Reef, the ___ starfish infestations were caused by the runoff of ___.
Crown-of-Thorn, nitrogen fertilizer.
Organisms that live in extreme environments are known as ___; they belong to a group of organisms known as ___.
extremophiles, Archaebacteria
Organisms that thrive in high temperature are known as ___, and in low temperature are known as ___.
thermophiles, psychrophiles
Organisms that thrive in an acidic environment are known as ___, and in high alkaline condition are known as ___.
acidophiles, alkaliphiles