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Campaign of 1844
Polk vs clay
Slidell Mission
Failed mission to mexico
General Taylor occupies disputed territory
mexican war begins
Treaty of 1846
US obtains oregon Territory
Mexican War 1846-1848
Taylor becomes war hero
Henry Clay Introduces the compromise of 1850
"Rough and Ready" Dislikes compromise
Taylor dies
ice milk and cherries in july
Gadsen Purchase
completes continental expansion
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Stephen A Douglas was the author
Bleeding Kansas 1854 1858
Small scale civil war
Republican Party founded 1854
As a result of "Bleeding Kansas"
Onsted Manifesto
Rationale to invade Cuba
Sumner-Brooks Affair
Violence in the US senate
Dred Scott decision
Court denies freedom
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
contest for US senate seat from illinois
John Brown's Raid
Harper's Ferry, A federal Arsenal
Stephen A douglas
Democratic Candidate in 1860
John Bell
Constitutional Unionist 1860
John Breckenridge
Southern candidate in election of 1860
Seven Southern States Secede
December 1860
Civil War Begins
Ft Sumter
First Battle of Bull Run
Confederates defeat McDowell
Lincoln Uses Emergency Powers
Declares war; raises army, issues an Income tax; suspends habeas Corpus; Declares martial law; blockades southern ports
President of CSA elected
Jefferson Davic
Battle of Shiloh
Both sides claim victory
Battle of Mechanicsville
Confederates are repulsed 6/26/1862
Battle of Antietem, MD
indecisive but edge to the north
The Emancipation Proclamation 9/22/1862
Became effective 1/1/1863
Battle of Fredricksburg
Burnside (Union) Defeated
Battle of gettysburge
Turning point for the north
Gettysburg Address 11/19/1863
Dedication of a national cemetery
Union Victories bring end to Civil War
Grant and Sherman
Lee Surrenders to grant
Ends the civil war
Lincoln Assasinated
John Wilkes Booth