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In ____, the congestion of the lung is due to the inabiliity of the alveolar eptihelial cells to regulate salt concentrations. Its inheritance pattern is____.
Cystic Fibrosis, Autosomal recessive
Individuals who are ____ for the sickle gene are more resistant to ____.
Heterozygous, Malaira
____ and ____ are classified as sequential hermaphroditism.
Protandry, Protogyny
In the good partner mate choice theory, the females choose a good looking partner in search for ____ and ____.
Heatlhy mates, good genes
The giant clams are known to be hermaphrodites, as they release both ___ and ___.
sperm and eggs
The shift in ____ ratio in the ____ mating system is demonstrated by the example of jacana.
sex-operational, polyandrous
Attributing human motivation, intention, and values to other biological organsims and ____ objects is known as _____.
inanimate, anthropomorphism
The European common ____ practice brood ____.
cuckoos, parasitism
The sexual ____ of the horns of the male ibexes is an extraordinary example of ____.
dimorphism, sexual selection
The suicidal mating behavior is found in the male ___ as a way to prolong its ____.
red back spider, sperm transfer.
4 basic building blocks:
monosaccharides, amino acids, nucleotides, & fatty acids
In the past 50 years, a ___ system has been developed to raise cattle in confinement and to feed them with ___.
feedlot, corn
The bacteria reside on the human body is known as the ____, they are known as ____.
normal flora commensalists
The genetic materials of viruses could be either ___ or ___.
Antigenic ____ are major changes in the viral genes due to ____ between different viral strains.
shifts, recombination