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what is the evolutionary trend?
there haas been an evolutionary trend toward larger size.
What does it mean to be geometriclly similar?
corresponding sides are in a constant ratio and corresponding angles are equal
What is Isometry?
objects that vary in size but not shape. they are geometrically similar.
varies with size. an animal with a 6/1 SA:volume couldn't be a endotherm because it would lose too much heat.
What is allometry?
Objects that vary in size and shape or proportions.
why can't a the lenght/mass be graphed linear?
to big of a line so graph on a log axis(the slope of the line is an exponent)
What is considered isometric?
a equals 3
human adults - isometrir or allometric?
how do human grow - iosmetric or allometric?
how does skeletal mass vary - isometrc or allometric?
a = 3.25
-the bigger you are, the more skeltal mass you need. a bigger organism needs a bigger skeleton to deal with the stressed on earth. puts a limit on size becuase the largetr the elepehant, the bigger the skeleton.
What about skeletal mass in aquatic vertebrate? - isometric or allometric
isometric - no limit based on size b/c no stress from walking on land. all aquatic animal no matter what size will have same % skeleton.
brain mass - isometric or allometrc?
allometric - proportional to our surface area. larger animals have proportionatally smaller brains. sensory receptors proportional to surface area.
metabolic rate - isometric or allometric?
allometric - ability to metbolic a drug is based on surface area.
cell body size - isometric or allometric?
all cells are the same size.
Jonathon Swift (Gulliver's Travels) - good physiologist?
NO - gulliver was 12 times the size of a lilluputian. metabolism is proportional to his square. they gave him enough food for the cube of his size.