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Where does filtration take place?
in the glomerulus
where does reabsorption take place?
the loop of henle
difference between afferent and efferent arterioles?
afferent arterioloe - to the glomerulus
efferent ateriole - away from the glomerulus
What is flitered?
urea and sucrose (some myoglobin and hemoglobin) urea and sucrose can fit through podocytes.
Where is the filter?
Lining of the Bowman's Capsule - dimensions of the slits of the podocytes are perfect to explain the selectivity of the filter
difference between osmotic pressure and blood pressure
blood pressure - puch stuff through
osmotic pressure - pulls water back
Filtration Pressure
A - 12mmHG
B -0
~ by the time the filtrate move through the glomerulus, there is no more presuure to push stuff into bowmans capsule.
Tubular Reabsorption
2L urine produced a day -99% reabsorbed
3 Compartment Theory of Water Transport (in the proximal convoluted tubule where most reabsorption takes place)
Three Compartment Theory of Water Transport
sodium, Cl and water flow into cell. sodium pumped from lumen to cell. Cl- and water follow. Presuure builds and pushes ions through basement membrane and through capillary wall.
Effects of caffeine
sodium pump inhibited by caffeine. makes urine very concentrated and increases rate of urine.
What can the tube secrete???
hydrogen ions, potassium ions, penecillin 9why you have to take penicillin every 4 hours)
What is countercurrent multiplication?
water is pulled from the descending loop of henle concentrated the urine. NaCl exits the ascending loop of henle which makes a gradient on the outside between the loop and collecting duct. This gradient happens so that the water will be pulled out of the collection duct concentrating urine and saving water.
How is water controlled leaving the collection ducts?
AQUAPORINS> proteins that serve as water channles that let the water out. High ADH leads to high aquaporins.
What would give you a greater ability to concentrate urine?
A long loop of Henle
How does alcohol effect the kidney?
inihibits the release of ADH - so you have dilute urine